Sony at E3: Check Out This New Tropico 6 Footage

Tropico 6 has received some extended cinematic gameplay footage at Sony’s E3 keynote, and by the looks of it, it definitely carries some political references. Tropico is a long running management sim game that tasks players with assuming power in a world governed by a leader known as El Presidente. You’re free to manage islands, play on large archipelagos for the very first time, and engage in new transportation possibilities. Election speeches also make a return.

We received a shorter cinematic trailer of Tropico 6 earlier this year, but nothing to this extent. Tapping into the political arena, Tropico 6’s El Presidente says during the footage: “Instead of walls, I will build bridges, bringing Tropico islands and people together rather than separating them.” At the end of his speech, he presses a button named ‘El Presidente’s Crowd’, silencing fictitious applause.

Tropico 6 is expected to release in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC. A Steam page for the game has just gone live.