Theseus Harnesses Power of Greek Mythology, Prepares to Launch on PSVR

If you’ve been feeling a Greek mythology shaped void in your gaming ever since games like Apotheon and Okhloshave no fear. Developer Forge Reply has just announced Theseus, a modern interpretation of the story of the minotaur, the labyrinth, and the besotted Ariadne. It’s ditched books for virtual reality, and this time, Ariadne’s voice will guide Theseus through twisted corridors, alleys and chambers, and soon he will discover a discomforting truth—he is not alone.

Theseus uses a cinematic approach to make gameplay feel more realistic and immersive, accentuating the labyrinth’s hostile, foreboding nature. Deep within its core, there is a pillar of light that draws Theseus inexorably closer, but the beastly Minotaur is the ruler of this domain, watching his every move, waiting for him to make a fatal mistake.

Theseus is coming to PlayStation VR in summer of 2017. Are you a PlayStation 4 owner but aren’t sure if you should invest in a PSVR? Check out our Before You Buy for the lowdown.