Logitech Unveils Two New Gaming Headsets

If you enjoy video games and playing them online, chances are, you have been in the market before in search for a decent headset. There’s a wide range of headsets available that offer various unique attributes, values, and of course, branding. With that said, it’s not too often that we see headsets that are offered for both gaming and for on-the-go music listening enjoyment.

Today, Logitech is hoping that their latest two headset releases will bridge that gap and offer a favorable headset that not only covers your needs for gaming and online communication but the ability to transform into simply a great pair of headphones.

Logitech is offering gamers two choices of headsets, the G433 7.1 Gaming Headset, and their G233 Prodigy Gaming Headset. While both are stated to feature a lightweight comfort, detachable microphones, and incredible audio quality, there are a few differentiating features.

For instance, the Logitech G433 7.1 is the pricier of the two headsets coming in at $100. The headset also comes in four different colors that include black, red, blue, and an exclusive Best Buy camo design. Included in the packaging that will be unique compared to the G233 Prodigy is a USB adapter to allow gamers 7.1 surround sound support along with additional mesh earpad replacements.

While the G233 Prodigy doesn’t offer gamers the 7.1 surround sound support or additional mesh earpads, the headset does still come with 40mm drivers which are identical to the G433. If you’re not interested in the surround sound, you can save yourselves a bit of money by picking up the G233 are blue and black in design.

Currently, both headsets are available for pre-order on the Logitech official website and are expected to launch at some point this month.