Medieval RPG Killers and Thieves Stealthily Launches on Steam

The Banner Saga co-creator Alex Thomas has simultaneously unveiled and released his debut RPG Killers and Thieves today. Unlike many independent titles, Killers and Thieves has skipped over early access and any sort of beta stage, giving players the full package of pilfering right away. You control the unseen ringleader of a thieves guild, plucking promising candidates from the streets and transforming them into professional crooks.

With your crew assembled, you progress through the game by staging heists, stealing precious items, and even carrying out assassinations. Set in the gloomy city of Greypool, Killers and Thieves features a shadowy aesthetic that takes inspiration from medieval art. There are story-driven missions, but it’s not exclusively linear gameplay—players need to use their own wits to fish out high-value targets, manage a band of thieves without losing your best plunderer, and keep a steady flow of gold.

Killers and Thieves is out now via Steam for $17.99 USD (currently 10% off).