‘Drifting Lands’ Twists Classic Hack ‘n’ Slash Recipe With Shmup Elements

From independent developer Alkemi comes a Diablo-inspired hack and slash experience that breaks the mould by mixing up gameplay with an unlikely ingredient—horizontal shoot ’em up action. Drifting Lands offers a fusion of genres that encompasses both an RPG progression system as well as skill-based flying and gear customisation. Players control a pilot whose main objective is to breeze through the skies, blasting enemies, collecting loot and testing out new skills. After several months in early access, Drifting Lands is ready to emerge as a full-fledged product.

There are three ship classes to choose from depending on your playstyle, and a whopping 100 levels of procedurally generated mayhem. A total of 70 active and passive powers, including dash and time control, further enhance gameplay. For fans of a good narrative, there’s a full story mode that strays from the “usual bland heroic fantasy universe”, roping in players with a highly varied difficulty system, randomly generated enemies, and competitive missions against competitors from across the globe.

Drifting Lands is officially releasing on June 5 for PC and Mac.

Source: http://www.drifting-lands.com/