Killers & Thieves Announced from The Banner Saga Developer

Stoic Studio's Alex Thomas, who worked on last year's The Banner Saga, has recently broke away from the team to work on an all new title called Killers and Thieves (also at Stoic). The game is described as a procedurally generated stealth game that has players taking on the role of the head of a thieves' guild and looting randomly generated levels. 

Killers and Thieves is a single-player game with a one-time purchase. There might be an Early Access period, but the developer says it'll be completely optional. The game will be out by 2016, if all goes to plan. 

In any case, Thomas is looking for someone to fill in the role of the game's programmer. 

"I've been developing the game in an (as yet) unannounced 2D engine which is made for non-programmers, not unlike Gamemaker but a lot more robust," wrote Thomas on his blog.

"However, there are only so many hours in the day. I'm looking for one part-time programmer to help get things rolling.

"I'll be handling all the art, animation, writing, sound, music, promotional and business aspects. I need somebody who can focus on integration, give good feedback and has an interest in design."

The application deadline is March 15. If you're interested in applying for the gig, head over the blog post

In case you missed it, we reviewed The Banner Saga last year.