Dive Into The Surge’s Brutal, Sci-Fi Behind The Scenes Footage

In the lead up to its official release, Deck13’s action RPG The Surge has received a new behind the scenes trailer to cure your sci-fi blues. The developers go into detail analysing protagonist Warren’s introduction to the game, which is plagued by a malfunctioning industrial exoskeleton. From there, things only get crazier: Warren blacks out and awakens at a junkyard, with all manner of robotic creatures intent on attacking him.

Head of Art Timm Schwank explained that in order to create a believable world, the team focused on industrial, corporate and futuristic themes, three major directions which were then combined into the unique sci-fi aesthetic we see represented in the current game. Previous The Surge updates include combat highlights, as well as the mechanically gory limb-slicing loot system.

The Surge is slated for release on May 16 for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and PS4 Pro. The Surge recently went gold. Interested players can pre-order on Xbox One and PS4 right now.