Deck 13 Release New The Surge Trailer Showcasing Our Protagonist in the Midst of Battle

Deck 13 has recently released a new trailer for their upcoming title The Surge. The title is similar to their previous title Lords of the Fallen, which is similar to the Souls series; however, The Surge does have some of its own unique ideas.

The game is set in a sci-fi setting as players are helming the main protagonist for the game, Warren. As you could see from the trailer below, Warren is going up against an enemy which looks like he might give him some trouble.

Check it out down below:

Players are pitted in a desperate fight to survive, engaging these unpredictable foes in tight, visceral melee combat. Grow in power with The Surge’s next-gen looting system – target and slice specific limbs off your enemies in battle, then equip the weapons or armor you dismember!

The Surge features a stamina management combat style of gameplay while keeping battles both tense and visceral. To spice things up, Deck 13 implemented a crafting feature which allows players to craft, upgrade, and build new weapons with loot and blueprints.

Hardcore RPG fans will want to keep on eye on this game, as there will be plenty of new features unique to the title; check out some of them down below:

Key Features

• Tight, visceral hardcore action RPG combat with make-shift industrial weapons

• A unique dismemberment and upgrade system utilizing cybernetic implants

• Fight in a dystopian world full of mystery and learn about the events surrounding The Surge

• Battle an array of huge industrial bosses

• Craft, upgrade and build new weapons with loot and blueprints

The Surge is set to release on May 16 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.