Tech-Noir Indie ‘All Walls Must Fall’ Aiming For Diverse Kickstarter Stretch Goals

With just seven hours remaining in its kickstarter, spy thriller All Walls Must Fall is achingly close to achieving one of two intermediate stretch goals. Unlocked at the €35,00 mark (the campaign is currently sitting on €34,621) is ‘Discrimination’, which will improve the diversity of club clientele in terms of gender, different outfits and body types. Developer inbetweengames has also revealed the feature will be reflected in conversations players have with bouncers when seeking entry to the club. Check out the kickstarter trailer below for a more in-depth look at what All Walls Must Fall is all about.

The other stretch goal, unlocked at €40,000, is called ‘Toilets’ – amenities most club goers would take for granted, but are (rather shockingly) absent from the game. Thanks to the developers pointing this out, kickstarter backers can help fund the creation of spectacular lavatories, a Janitor as an additional NPC, and exciting new mission types requiring the privacy of a bathroom stall.

All Walls Must Fall recently added the musical talents of Jukio Kallio (LuftrausersNuclear Throne) and Ben Prunty (FTLInto The Breach) to its soundtrack.