The First Ghost Recon: Wildlands Expansion Drops Next Week

Ubisoft has shared several details, including a release date for Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ first expansion, Narco Road. The expansion drops early for everyone who owns the game’s $40 season pass on April 18th. Everyone else can buy it beginning April 25th at a price point of $15.

Narco Road tasks players with infiltrating gangs led by the ringleader El Invisible. However, you cannot get to him unless you gain the trust of his underbosses, who include: (descriptions are courtesy of Ubisoft).

  • Eddie Escovado: The self-proclaimed social media star and adrenaline-addicted leader of the Kamikazes gang.
  • Arturo Rey: The mysterious leader of the Death Riders, a gang of riders who worship Santa Muerte.
  • Tonio Mateos: The arrogant leader of the Jinetes Locos, a gang specializing in racing muscle cars.

Players will race through 15 “fast-paced” missions in Narco Road, as well as four new types of side missions. You will earn fame and influence by completing these missions. Should you earn enough, you will be able to finally reach El Invisible to take him down.

Narco road comes with four outfits, nine weapons, and four vehicle types. These include monster trucks, muscle cars, motorcycles and planes for a pretty well-rounded variety.

Ubisoft has also announced an update for all Wildlands players that will launch on April 12th for consoles and April 14th for PC. This will introduce weekly challenges for both solo and co-op player that renew every Wednesday. You are able to earn up to three in-game rewards each week, and the seasons will last for six weeks. Each has a specific theme, the first of which is called The Rise and Fall of Unidad.

Narco Road is the first of two major planned expansions for Wildlands. The next is called Fallen Ghosts and players find themselves trying to escape from ruthless mercenaries who are hunting them after their helicopter was shot down.