Tarsier Studios Announces Little Nightmares has Gone Gold

Today, developer Tarsier Studios announced via Twitter that their upcoming game, Little Nightmares has gone gold. Going gold means the game is all finished and is now ready to ship out. Meaning there will be no more delays, or any other hiccups.

Little Nightmares is set in a very unforgiving place called The Maw. It is crawling with gruesome creatures and characters who pose a very real threat to the young heroine, Six. Check out this trailer (click here) which shows the ways that Six can lose her battle to escape The Maw, showing how dangerous her journey really is and nine possible ways she can meet her maker.

Official tweet from Tarsier Studios down below:

The world of Little Nightmares is both grim and unforgiving, the player learns as they travel along the narrative’s engaging storyline, complete with impressive sound design and a unique-art style that is eerie and atmospheric.

Little Nightmares “blurs the line between dreams a nightmares” as the Maw is explored in order to escape its confines. Macabre enemies and environments intertwine to form a frightfully wonderful atmosphere on this strange vessel.

Little Nightmares will launch digitally in the Americas on April 28th 2017, for PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.