Iam8bit Announces Physical Limited Edition of Hyper Light Drifter for PS4

Iam8bit announced today that they will be selling a super limited edition run of physical copies of Hyper Light Drifter for PS4 in celebration of the game’s one-year anniversary.

The physical edition of the game is set to cost $29.99 and includes a good amount of extra goodies including a reversible cover with a gold foil, retro-style instruction manual, and a fold-out world map. In addition, the physical copy of the game is region free, meaning there are no restrictions!

Check out some new images down below:



To celebrate Hyper Light Drifter’s 1-year Anniversary, we’ve been secretly collaborating with developer Heart Machine to create this premium physical PS4 edition of the game.

This is far superior to a typical release, featuring a glorious, REVERSIBLE, heavyweight cover insert w/ gold foil stamps & fluorescent specialty ink; SNES-style, 24-page game manual; and a 24×18-inch world map poster.

Hyper Light Drift physical edition is available now to pre-order; shipping begins Monday.If you are the slightest bit interest in the physical version of the game act quick as there will only be 9,000 copies sold.