Quake Champions Closed Beta Starts April 6th

According to a report made by GameSpot, gamers can expect the closed beta for Quake Champions to kick off next week. The video game will enter its closed beta on April 6, 2017, though if you have yet to sign up for a chance to be included in the beta then you’ll still have a chance as the beta form is still available which you can fill out right here.

Developed by id Software, Quake Champions is an upcoming first-person shooter that will take place within the Quake series. Fans of the past installments will still find the fast-paced arena mechanics which will feature a number of past Quake characters.

As mentioned above, the closed beta starts on April 6, 2017, though it’s not stated just how many gamers will gain access to the beta. Likewise, there was another new detail unleashed online in regards to the upcoming video game character roster.

If you enjoyed Quake III Arena, then you may be delighted to know that Anarki will be featured within the game. The character will still have his hoverboard to use within gameplay while also having the ability of Health Injection which gives players the option to heal themselves.

Quake Champions will be a free-to-play video game though the title can be purchased with the additional Champions. Both tiers of gamers will have access to the same maps as the only difference between paid and free members is the available champions in their roster.

Currently, Quake Champions does not have a release date attached just yet, though the video game will be releasing on the PC platform.