Ken Levine Next Video Game Takes Inspiration From Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Ken Levine is a well-known game developer as he helped create the BioShock series, Thief: The Dark Project and System Shock 2. Since Irrational Games came to a close, the developer has started up work as the creative director and co-founder of Ghost Story Games.

The development team has been working on their first video game though little information has been unveiled as to what gamers can expect. In the past, Ken Levine spoke to Game Informer that the next title will have several branches that gamers can move through.

Each choice would affect the relationships with the characters in the game and as a result, the narrative would change. Now in a recent Rezzed conference, Ken Levine let out another small detail regarding the upcoming unannounced video game.

Apparently, Ken was inspired by the Nemesis system found within Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. Within this system, players who failed to defeat an enemy would notice that the enemy could recall their previous battle.

It seems that the upcoming video game from Ghost Story Games would expand on this system. Known as Radical Recognition within the development team, Ken Levine revealed that the game would respond in various ways from actions that the players make in their gameplay.

While we are getting small little tidbits of information regarding the upcoming video game, we’re hopeful that the title will finally make an official appearance during this year’s E3 event. So far, it’s not been unveiled what platforms the title will be available on or a specific launch window.