For Honor: All Samurai Campaign Collectibles [Breakables / Observables]

There are a grand total of 83 collectibles in Chapter 3 of For Honor, and we’re here to list all the locations so you don’t have to scrounge every nook and cranny by yourself. In the third and final section of the singleplayer campaign, you play as the formidable Samurai faction as they defend their lands from a Viking invasion.

That means you’ll explore the lands of the Samurai, and earn lots of extra emblem parts or steel while doing it. There’s more than just achievements / trophies on the line here. For every breakable you smash, you’ll get a little extra something for your trouble. Either a customization element like a custom emblem unlock or some steel to spend on recruiting new classes. Both are pretty good prizes, and worth your time if you’re a For Honor fan.

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All Samurai Campaign Collectibles Guide

Each mission features a number of Observables and Breakables, the two types of collectibles in For Honor. Breakables are, well, things you can break! Usually breakables are a bunch of vases / crates. You don’t need to destroy them all to “collect” a breakable. Destroying just one of the bunch counts. 

Observables are things you can look at — watch for an “eye” icon as you look around the environment. If you focus your camera on it, an [L1 / LB] will appear. Press it to officially observe and “collect” this second type of collectible.

Chapter 3.1 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Kill the Viking Invaders – Right at the start, before going down the stairs, turn right and look outside the fortress walls at the burning village below.
  • Observable #2: Kill the Viking Invaders – From the burning village overlook, turn left and look at the lanterns marking a blocked jail door.
  • Breakable #1: Kill the Viking Invaders – Look opposite the jail door (Observable #2) and run past the small cart to find these pots.
  • Breakable #2: Kill the Viking Invaders – Now, go down the stairs and through the gate. To the left of the gate, you’ll find more breakables.
  • Observable #3: Kill the Viking Invaders – Use the wooden ramps to climb over the house rooftops. There’s a power-up at the top, along with an observable you can check out before dropping down to fight more Vikings.
  • Observable #4: Kill the Viking Invaders – After dropping down from the roof, turn left to face stairs leading a large gate that’s completely impassable. There’s a statue here you can examine.
  • Observable #5: Kill the Viking Invaders – From the courtyard with Observable #3, continue up the stairs on the right and look high at the large stone tower built into the fortress walls. This is the Imperial Palace.
  • Breakable #3: Kill the Viking Invaders – Next to the flashing lantern, by the spot where you can view the Imperial Palace (Observable #5).
  • Observable #6: Kill the Viking Invaders – Fight through the burning village until you reach a bridge. Look right and down at the river from this short bridge.
  • Observable #7: Reach Momiji – Later, you’ll find a huge tree with hanging red banners. Don’t miss the observable here.
  • Breakable #4: Reach Momiji – To the left, before passing by that huge decorated tree, there’s a wooden platform up a couple steps with these breakables.
  • Breakable #5: Reach Momiji – Moving toward the open village gate (past the tree) and down the hill, stick to the left side. There’s a wooden ledge on the left of the hill with a collection of pots, overlooking the open gate courtyard below.
  • Observable #8: Reach Momiji – Look to the right of the open gate and view the statue.

Chapter 3.2 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – Look for the tall red structure in the swamp and observe the bodies in the mud there.
  • Observable #2: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – Go though the huge tree tunnel and up the stairs to the gate.
  • Observable #3: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) –  Move right from the observable gate to enter a cave with an impressive statue / waterfall display.
  • Breakable #1: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) –  In the same cave as the statue / waterfall observable.
  • Breakable #2: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) –  Go to the settlement with the yellow banners. From the entrance, stick to the left wall to find the pots.
  • Observable #4: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – From the yellow settlement, exit through the left gates and head toward the large bell structure on the right as you step outside.
  • Breakable #3: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – Past the bell, there’s a rickety old wooden house with a power-up and debris scattered about. Don’t miss these breakables.
  • Breakable #4: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – From the old jungle house, follow the linear path to a field with a wrecked ship. After running through the wrecked ship, immediately turn right.
  • Breakable #5: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – Push deeper into the jungle. From the wrecked ship, stick to the left side until you reach a tall tower with Samurai defensive emplacements. The pots are at the base of this tower.
  • Observable #5: Defeat all the Daimyo (2/3) – Climb to the top of the watch tower to get your last observable in this mission.

Chapter 3.3 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Reach Ayu – At the start, immediately look down at the dead body after the cutscene.
  • Breakable #1: Reach Ayu – Leave the settlement and stick to the left edge. Pass the red structure and as you come up on the wooden swamp house, smash the pots.
  • Breakable #2: Reach Ayu – On the opposite side of the open area, to the right of the red structure with the four columns, there’s an area with thick bamboo and many stone markers. The pots are over there.
  • Observable #2: Reach Ayu – Go toward the main objective and look left of the large tree root tunnel. There’s a wooden path and a Torii Gate you’ll see — with a giant statue head straight ahead of the small gate. Look up at the red Torii Gate.
  • Observable #3: Reach Ayu – Back on the main path, look up at the massive tree tunnel with the wooden structures built around it.
  • Breakable #3: Reach Ayu – On the ground next to the tree root tunnel, right next to the main path.
  • Observable #4: Reach Ayu – Go through the tree and up the stairs to the settlement gate with blue banners. Examine the banner above the open doorway.
  • Breakable #4: Reach Ayu – Don’t enter the settlement doors yet. At the top of the steps from the tree tunnel, you’ll find more pots on the right.
  • Observable #5: Reach Ayu – Enter the waterfall / statue cave from the previous mission. Not breakables here, but there is a dead body in the water you can observe.
  • Observable #6: Reach Ayu – Now, finally, enter the settlement with the blue banners. Right as you step through the gates, look up at the massive tree.
  • Breakable #5: Kill All the Viking Chieftains – In the settlement, go left and take the stairs up onto the platform. There’s a Viking Chieftain here. Ignore him and swivel around left to a corner with the last bunch of pots in the mission. They’re next to the stairs going up.

Chapter 3.4 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Reach the Main Gate – Right at the start, immediately turn around and look inside the interior room that’s behind you.
  • Observable #2: Reach the Main Gate – The next gate is straight ahead, over the small bridge you start on.
  • Observable #3: Reach the Main Gate – Continue into the mission, and after leaving the interior, go left to take a look at the soldiers training in the background. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot this group.
  • Breakable #1: Reach the Main Gate – Following the path, look for an open door on the left before completely passing by the training grounds. Make sure to stop in here before cutting through the next paper door.
  • Observable #4: Reach the Main Gate – Enter the Mess Hall past the breakable paper door and look at the tables / barrels on the right.
  • Observable #5: Reach the Main Gate – Go around to the back of the training grounds, near the large gong, and look up at the tower-like structure built into the wall.
  • Breakable #2: Reach the Main Gate – Cut through the third paper door in the mess hall, then look around the short wall on the right before exiting through the fourth paper door.
  • Observable #6: Reach the Main Gate – Past the fourth paper door, defeat your opponent and look through the open balcony on the left. There’s a visible gate down below where swarms of soldiers are running to the stairs.
  • Observable #7: Reach the Main Gate – Up the stairs, you’ll run into this observable through the open doors that reveal a large courtyard.
  • Breakable #3: Push Back the Enemy to the Plaza – Right when you get this objective, go toward the marker and check out the corner on the right.
  • Observable #8: Push Back the Enemy to the Plaza – Look at the statue in the center, right past the marker.
  • Breakable #4: Push Back the Enemy to the Plaza –  To the left of the plaza area there’s another paper door you can cut open to enter an empty mess hall.
  • Observable #9: Push Back the Enemy to the Plaza – In the same mess area, cut down the paper wall to reveal an observable room.
  • Breakable #5: Push Back the Enemy to the Plaza – The last pots are halfway up the stairs as you take the left path from the observable statue.

Chapter 3.5 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Breakable #1: Kill All Knight Patrols – Next to you at the start. Can’t miss them.
  • Observable #1: Kill All Knight Patrols – Follow the right path from the starts and head toward the closest Knight patrol. There’s a hole in the ground you can observe.
  • Observable #2: Kill All Knight Patrols –  Continue along the right path and look for a campfire where several more Knight are waiting to attack.
  • Breakable #2: Kill All Knight Patrols – Pushing further up the right path, you’ll find a wooden bridge over the river. Instead of going up, move down to the shore to find a bunch of pots.
  • Observable #3: Kill All Knight Patrols – Go to the central bridge leading toward to fortress. There’s a closed gate, so you’ll have to use the bridge listed in the previous breakable. Look at the central gatehouse for an observable.
  • Observable #4: Kill All Knight Patrols –  From that central bridge, look behind the ruined catapult for a geiser.
  • Observable #5: Kill All Knight Patrols – Opposite (and near!) the geiser, there’s another siege machine wreck you’ll need to observe. It’s to the left if you’re facing the bridge to the main fortress gate.
  • Breakable #3: Kill All Knight Patrols – From the main bridge, go back and left to find a closed-off wooden fort. There are pots here, and an observable.
  • Observable #6: Kill All Knight Patrols – Look at the locked gate between the two wooden towers.
  • Breakable #4: Find Momiji – Use the siege bridge to the right from the main gates to enter the fortress area and meetup with your ally. The breakables are on the wooden platform at the top of the ramping bridge.
  • Breakable #5: Secure the Castle – Drop into the “secure” zone and defend against waves of soldiers. In the back-right corner, there’s a collection of pots. They’re next to the ladder.
  • Observable #7: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – In the new area, look at the massive statue of the seated figure with a sword in the center.
  • Observable #8: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – Ahead, take care of the archers on the left and look left through the broken wall with the ladder. In the far distance, there’s a rock you can observe in the background below.
  • Observable #9: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – Exit the cathedral through the right path from the starting point and continue going right to find a battlefield with a large statue and a tree. View that old tree in the graveyard.
  • Breakable #6: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – In the same graveyard area, go to the far back up the steps.
  • Breakable #7: Escort Momiji to the Bridge -Return to the starting area, and drop through the hole in the floor to land in the area with the large observable statue. Look behind that statue to discover more pots.
  • Breakable #8: Escort Momiji to the Bridge -After dropping down, turn left and exit through the doorway. Now on the exterior of the cathedral, head toward a ladder to find more pots.
  • Breakable #9: Escort Momiji to the Bridge -Finally, exit through the front doors of the cathedral. Look left as you step through the front doors.
  • Observable #10: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – After leaving the cathedral, run a few steps ahead and turn around to get a good look at the circular decoration at the front of the building.
  • Observable #10: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – The final observable is the bridge itself. Take a look after leaving though the cathedral front doors.
  • Breakable #10: Escort Momiji to the Bridge – The last group of pots are right next to the debris blocking the objective bridge.

Chapter 3.6 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Destroy the Catapults – From the start of the mission, head through the first gate and look at the fallen, traversable statue.
  • Breakable #1: Destroy the Catapults – Before using the statue as a ramp, look to the right as you pass through the first gate.
  • Observable #2: Destroy the Catapults – Walk up that statue (Observable #1) and look up behind you at the castle keep, way up at the top of the fortress.
  • Observable #3: Destroy the Catapults – From the top of the statue, look out at the armies below. Look slightly right of the center to spot an observable near a fire.
  • Observable #4: Destroy the Catapults – At the same spot, look directly down at the peaked roof with a hole in the ceiling.
  • Observable #5: Destroy the Catapults – Go up to the wall and assault the catapult on the right. When facing the castle keep (Observable #2), look to the left and look at the castle walls.
  • Observable #6: Destroy the Catapults – Next, go to the right-hand catapult; face the keep and look right. There’s an observable around the partially destroyed structure.
  • Observable #7: Follow Your Army Into the Citadel – Take the statue ramp back down and cross the gate (marked with a shield) on the right. Far ahead, up high, there’s a tall tower with an observable marker.
  • Breakable #2: Destroy the Reinforcements’ Doors – Once you enter the courtyard with the reinforcements, immediately turn left.
  • Breakable #3: Reach the Tower – Up the stairs, you’ll dodge a bunch of fire arrows as you cross the wall and gain this objective.
  • Breakable #4: Reach the Tower – After crawling under the gate during a cutscene, immediately turn right.
  • Observable #8: Reach the Tower – Right next to the breakables, there’s a closed door you can observe.
  • Observable #9: Fight Your Way Up the Tower – In the burning tower, climb up the spiral stairs up one level and look for the final observable on the left.
  • Breakable #4: Fight Your Way Up the Tower – The final pots are one level up from the last observable. They’re right in your path, so they’re almost impossible to miss.