For Honor: How to Unlock All The Classes You Want Right At The Start

Want to get started with all the classes you want in For Honor? There’s actually an easy way to unlock basically all of them before starting a single multiplayer match — and it all involves tutorials. Those wily kooks over at Gamesradar, via Redditors, shared this seemingly simple solution and gave it with the world, so why not spread the good word far and wide with the meager signal of Gameranx.

Okay, so a little backstory. In For Honor, there are three sorta-historical factions facing off in a completely fantastical setting where Knights, Vikings, and Samurai all live in roughly the same area. Each of these factions comes with four classes of hero you can choose. These classes are your bread-and-butter of gameplay, and finding the class that matches your playstyle is pretty important for your basic enjoyment of For Honor. The faster you can unlock these guys with bonus +XP, the better.

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How to Unlock Most Classes Early

Most classes at the start of For Honor are locked behind in-game currency walls. To purchase (or “recruit’) locked classes, you’ll need to spend Steel. This form of currency isn’t just for getting classes, it can also be used to buy “Champion Status” time — for a limited period, you’ll gain bonus XP and other rewards.

So, how do you earn lots of Steel? (Enough to unlock 7 of 9 total locked classes!)

  • Play the Basic Tutorial, then play the Advanced Tutorial.
    • Reward: 3500 Steel

That’s a hefty hand-out of Steel for all your first-timers. That much Steel can purchase 7/9 classes right away. Or you can buy fewer classes, and spend that currency to unlock “Champion Status” time. If you’re planning on only playing as a single faction, you can simply purchase all three locked classes for the Knights / Vikings / Samurai — the first class is always available already.