For Honor: All Vikings Campaign Collectibles [Breakables / Observables]

Cut a swathe of destruction across the fictional settings of For Honor as we switch sides and join the raiding Vikings faction for Chapter 2 of the singleplayer story. All three factions get representation as the campaign unfolds, and the Vikings get to be the sweet sugar filling that holds the Knight / Samurai Oreo together. Moving past the belabored metaphor, let’s dive into the real star attraction — even more pointless collectibles.

Okay, that isn’t entirely honest. The collectibles in For Honor actually aren’t pointless at all. Finding them all will earn you emblem parts, allowing you to create and share awesome custom emblems for your clan. Everyone in the online lobby will get to see your handiwork. There are more customization options to unlock, and tidbits of backstory to learn, so keep scrolling to find all the spots where observables / breakables reside with the chapter-by-chapter breakdown below.

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All Vikings Campaign Collectibles Guide

Each mission features a number of Observables and Breakables, the two types of collectibles in For Honor. Breakables are, well, things you can break! Usually breakables are a bunch of vases / crates. You don’t need to destroy them all to “collect” a breakable. Destroying just one of the bunch counts. 

Observables are things you can look at — watch for an “eye” icon as you look around the environment. If you focus your camera on it, an [L1 / LB] will appear. Press it to officially observe and “collect” this second type of collectible.

Chapter 2.1 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Loot the Food Supplies – Left of the burning thatched-roof cottage, get a view of the harbor.
  • Observable #2:  Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – After learning something about Zone Attacks, continue past one burning tower to another. Don’t walk past that second tower yet — turn right and examine the distance.
  • Breakable #1:  Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – Continue up the hill. There’s a bunch of boxes on your right, in front of the hall.
  • Observable #3: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – Run down the path to the left (instead of turning right to reach those breakables) — on the far end, on the left, there’s a shack you can look at.
  • Breakable #2: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – Up the hill from that previous observable, look for a flat wooden platform along the hill, on the left, with a grouping of these pots.
  • Observable #4: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – Continue on up the hill path to reach a flat landing. Look right to spot a woodworking station.
  • Observable #5: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – To the left of the woodworking station, climb the stairs. At the top of those steps, turn left and observe the crane that’s visible.
  • Observable #6: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – Near the top of the village, observe the large stone tablet near the steps leading up, not far from the large windmill.
  • Observable #7: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – This time, checkout that huge windmill. When climbing up the settlement hills, look in the back-right edge. It’s really hard to miss.
  • Observable #8: Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – Take the stairs leading up to the Main Hall… and checkout the Main Hall! It’s the building at the top of the village, overlooking the rest of the settlement.
  • Breakable #3:  Loot the Food Supplies (2/3) – On the wooden scaffolding near the crane. Take the stairs up toward the Main Hall and turn left.

Chapter 2.2 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Free the Viking Prisoners – Right where you start, turn right at look at the “decorations”
  • Observable #2: Free the Viking Prisoners – Behind your small retinue of soldiers, examine the tower door.
  • Observable #3: Free the Viking Prisoners – Still in the same area, look at the submerged statue head on the hill, right where the paths fork.
  • Breakable #1: Free the Viking Prisoners – Take the left path from the statue head and enter the large tower, using the spiral staircase to reach an upper floor containers these pots.
  • Breakable #2: Free the Viking Prisoners – From the previous breakables, take the small set of steps back outside to find another batch of vases to destroy.
  • Breakable #3: Free the Viking Prisoners – Back at the statue head, go down the left path toward the large tower but look on the right. Along the paths, there are more pots.
  • Observable #4: Free the Viking Prisoners – Continue up the hill toward the fort. There’s a tall tower you can observe here.
  • Observable #5: Free the Viking Prisoners – At at the base of the observable tower. There’s a ruined siege machine to look at.
  • Breakable #4: Free the Viking Prisoners – Right next to the ruined siege tower.
  • Observable #6: Free the Viking Prisoners – Next, go towards the sacred stone ruins across the bridge. On the left side of the peak, there’s a tree with faces carved onto the sides. Observe that tree.
  • Breakable #5: Free the Viking Prisoners – There’s a wooden cage near the large stone monument. To the right of the cage, bash open the vases to get the final collectible for this mission.

Chapter 2.3 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Breakable #1: Open the Gate – Taking the steps down into the shipyard, don’t cross the rickety bridge over the ship. After taking the first steps, turn left to smash the pots on this platform.
  • Breakable #2: Open the Gate – Now step onto the ship and enter the building with the waterwheel outside. There are breakables in the back-left corner.
  • Observable #1: Open the Gate – The building with those previous breakables is actually a saw-mill, and the saw is still spinning. Take a look at the saw in the center of the room, from the right-ish side, to find this observable.
  • Observable #2: Open the Gate – Leave the saw-mill and look up at the ram-headed decoration at the front of the under-construction longship.
  • Observable #3: Open the Gate – Cross through the short tunnel and into the bridge past the large ship. On the bridge, turn right and look down at the water.
  • Breakable #3: Open the Gate – Enter the interior across the same bridge to find pots to the right of the door.
  • Observable #4: Open the Gate – From the pots, climb up to the wall (above that tunnel you stepped through earlier) to find access to the large ship’s deck. Instead of getting on the ship, enter the tower at the end. Inside the tower, look at the skull hanging over the door.
  • Breakable #4: Open the Gate – Now you can get onto the large ship’s deck and smash the pots located there.
  • Observable #5: Open the Gate – Look up at the defensive walls behind the lined-up ballistas. It’s directly opposite the tower with the previous observable.
  • Breakable #5: Open the Gate – To the left of the observable, enter the gateway to find the last breakables in this mission.

Chapter 2.4 – Breakables / Observables Locations

[There are no breakables in this mission.]

  • Observable #1: Open the Fortress Gate – Fight through the enemies and stick to the left wall until you reach a large war machine.
  • Observable #2: Reach the Viking Troops – After crossing the bridge, turn right in the pagoda and look across the passage for a locked door.
  • Observable #3: Secure the Fortress – Climb down the ladder from the high platform, and turn right to examine the fallen main gate.
  • Observable #4: Secure the Fortress – In the same area, climb the ladder ahead and turn left, moving forward to a ledge with a view of the raised drawbridge on the left.
  • Observable #5: Secure the Fortress – On the same bridge as the previous observable, turn right instead of left and take a gander at the wrecked ship in the water.
  • Observable #6: Secure the Fortress – Follow your soldiers / allies across the bridge in this area and take a look through the open gate.

Chapter 2.5 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Observable #1: Free the Viking Prisoner – Look up at the hanging corpses attached to the massive red Torii Gate.
  • Observable #2: Free the Viking Prisoner – Don’t go toward the gate. Instead, take the left path to reach a beached ship. Examine the corpses inside.
  • Breakable #1: Free the Viking Prisoner – Continue forward, hugged the left wall of the map from the beached ship to find the first bunch of breakables.
  • Observable #3: Free the Viking Prisoner – Checkout the tower, moving straight forward from the pots.
  • Observable #4: Free the Viking Prisoner – From the tower, turn left and look beyond the trees for a truly gigantic Buddha statue head in the mud.
  • Breakable #2: Free the Viking Prisoner – At the Samurai wall where archers take pot-shots at you from above, look to the left of the blocked gate, beneath the tower on the wall.
  • Observable #5: Free the Viking Prisoner – From the Buddha Head, continue to stick to the left wall until you’re running away from the gate. Eventually, you’ll find a giant root near some breakables.
  • Breakable #3: Free the Viking Prisoner – The breakables are next to the overgrown roots, described in the previous entry.
  • Breakable #4: Free the Viking Prisoner – Go up the hill from the path near the pots. As you climb, you’ll eventually see another red Torii gate. The breakables are to the left of the gate.
  • Observable #6: Free the Viking Prisoner –  There’s a settlement at this gate with a single well. Run behind the small settlement toward a veranda. Opposite the veranda, there’s a swamp. Look at the lost ship down from the cliffs.
  • Breakable #5: Free the Viking Prisoner – Look inside the Samurai veranda and smash the loose pottery
  • Observable #7: Reach the Top – Spot the dead soldier to the right on the road up to the tall tower. It’s just down from the semi-destroyed wall.
  • Breakable #6: Reach the Top – The semi-destroyed wall here can actually be used as a ramp to enter the Samurai structure. There’s a collection of pots inside.
  • Breakable #7: Reach the Top – Same area, turn left and exit through the open door to face a building with two green standards. As you step out of the door, turn left to find another bunch of breakables.
  • Breakable #8: Reach the Top – This time, go right and down the stairs into the courtyard with the large stone flower in the center. There are more breakables here.
  • Observable #8: Reach the Top – Up the stairs from the breakables, look at the ruined gate doors.
  • Breakable #9: Reach the Top – To the left of the smashed gate doors.
  • Observable #9: Reach the Top – Near the stairs down into the flower courtyard, look for steps leading down (adjacent to the stairs leading up) to find a cell block. Examine to the first cell on the left.
  • Observable #10: Reach the Top – Out of the cells, continue into the fountain plaza with the statue in the center. Observe this green-hued statue.
  • Observable #11: Reach the Top – Go to the wooden balcony where the railings are missing near the statue / fountain plaza. Look at the view to collect this.
  • Observable #12: Reach the Top –  From the previous observable, head up the stairs and look at the large bell.
  • Breakable #10: Reach the Top – Enter the interior room opposite the bell to break down the last bunch of pots.

Chapter 2.6 – Breakables / Observables Locations

  • Breakable #1: Secure the Gate – At the large gate, go through the Viking siege bridge on the right. The first set of pots are found right here.
  • Observable #1: Secure the Gate – Go through the massive gate and look at the siege machine on the right, before crossing under the red gate.
  • Observable #2: Secure the Gate – Climb the ladder to the left of the bridge (from the main gate entrance) and focus on the large signal bell.
  • Breakable #2: Secure the Gate – Cross the bridge and enter the tower (from the bell), then exit through the left door. There’s a gong here with a few more pots to break.
  • Observable #3: Secure the Gate – Follow the main path and keep your eyes left for the large red statue. It’s hard to miss.
  • Breakable #3: Secure the Gate – Past the red statue, go down the steps to a left-hand path. Ahead, there are pots between two more sets of stairs, one going up on the right, and one going down on the left.
  • Breakable #4: Secure the Gate – Behind the Viking shield wall on the right of the main path to the fortress.
  • Observable #2: Secure the Gate – From the main bridge, take the right-most path up a dirt hill. You’ll walk underneath a large tree. Look up at that tree.
  • Breakable #5: Secure the Gate – Right beside the observable tree.
  • Observable #2: Secure the Gate – The last observable is at the massive gate, the same one you need to secure.
  • Breakable #6: Secure the Gate – Near the left entrance through the main gate.