Sniper Elite 4: How to Unlock The Trickiest Achievements / Trophies

Find tips and tricks for unlocking all those weird and challenging trophies / achievements in Sniper Elite 4 on this guides compendium.

Here, we’re all about hunting down those tough-to-earn achievements or trophies, and there are plenty in the sandbox environments of Sniper Elite 4. You’ll have to set booby-traps, steal Flare Guns, incapacitate enemies for cruel shots, and find a unique method for taking down the last boss of the game.

There’s going to be plenty more than that, so keep checking back for more guides with specific instructions. If anything, this game gives you a few more excuses to shoot, stab, or blow-up Nazis. Who would pass that opportunity up?

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Achievements/ Trophies Guide

Like with most challenge achievements, we recommend you replay missions on “Easy” to give the best possible chance for success. After completing a mission, it will unlock permanently in the Mission Select menu, so replaying missions is a cinch. Also, after an achievement / trophy is unlocked, you can immediately exit the mission.

The Nutcracker


This cruel achievement / trophy requires you to first incapacitate an enemy soldier, then shoot them in the testicles — which are graphically (and gruesomely) represented in the X-Ray bullet penetration camera-thing. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Shoot an enemy soldier in the foot / leg with the Welrod Silenced Pistol. If it doesn’t kill them, it will incapacitate them.
  2. Get in position and… use your Sniper Rifle to shoot the between the legs. If you’re successful, you should actually see the bullet bust through the, uh, potatoes.

It’s easier to complete this achievement / trophy in later missions, when the soldiers are tougher than normal. Load up Mission 8 and you can earn this on the very first enemy soldier in sight.

The Path of Most Resistance

“Destroy the plane using a Bolt-Action Rifle.”

This hilarious, awesome challenge can only be unlocked during Mission 8: Allagra Fortress. In it, you must shoot down the flying-wing plane with only a Bolt-Action Rifle.

“Bolt-Action” means the rifle bolt is manually operated, usually with a distinct handle on the right side of the weapon. Basically every Sniper Rifle in the game is a Bolt-Action. 

Don’t use the M1 Rifle or the Gewehr 43.

  1. During the plane encounter, wait for the flying-wing to circle the air-field and take off. Position yourself on the walkway and wait for the plane to fly over the airfield one last time.
  2. This is your chance. Aim and shoot the bomb stored beneath the plane. If you manage to successfully hit the missile, the plane will explode.

Destroying the plane this way unlocks the achievement / trophy and a special cutscene. Enjoy shutting this loud-mouth Nazi up for good.

Dirty Tactics

“Kill an enemy via a booby trap.”

To unlock this achievement / trophy, you must lure an enemy soldier into mine. Make sure you add one to your loadout, or collect one during the mission. There are four types of mines you can use:

  • S-Mine
  • TNT
  • Teller Mines
  • Trip Mines

Next, you’ll need to booby trap a dead enemy. Approach an enemy and hold [RB / R1] to mine the body. If an enemy soldier finds him, they’ll come over to investigate and set the mine off — that is a pretty dirty trick! You can get this as early as Mission 2 or Mission 3.

Go to a large area where lots of soldiers patrol, but aren’t always in direct contact with each other. Kill a soldier with the Welrod Silenced Pistol (or a silent takedown) and drag the body out in the open where it will be noticed. Booby-trap the corpse and you’re good to go.

If there aren’t any soldiers nearby, or they aren’t noticing, you can use rocks to get their attention too.

Fire and Brimstone

“Kill 5 enemies with a single artillery strike.”

To call in an Artillery Strike, you’ll need a Flare Gun. Soldiers known as “Spotters” carry these — you’ll recognize them from the giant binoculars they’re always looking through. Also, marking soldiers will reveal if they’re a Spotter, so mark everyone you see!

Artillery Spotters and clusters of soldiers all appear in Mission 6: Magazzeno Facility.

  1. There’s a Spotter available early in Mission 6. Go up the hill and enter the facility grounds. There’s an 88 Gun emplacement in the center. Pass by it and look for the patrolling soldier near the warehouse. He is carrying a Flare Gun.
  2. Collect the Flare Gun and go to the western edge of the facility and find the giant radio dish. Down the hill, there’s a large group of soldiers milling around.
  3. Fire the Flare Gun at the soldiers! They’ll only be together if you remain completely undetected during this mission. If you set off an alarm, they’ll scatter and you’ll have to try again.

If you’re able to sneak up on those soldiers and fire the flare, the artillery strike will wipe them all out, and you’ll earn yourself an achievement / trophy.

More guides coming soon!