Sniper Elite 4: Mission 1 – San Celini Island | All Collectibles Guide

Take aim at WW2 once more in Sniper Elite 4, sending scoped-out and stealthy players into fascist-controlled Italy for another round of busting Nazi skulls. It’s all about taking that perfect shot, and the Sniper Elite franchise prides itself on accurate bullet physics. But there’s more going on than just trajectories and wind calculations. Between blasting bad guys at extreme range, you’ll have huge levels to explore. And those levels are jam-packed with collectibles. Almost too many.

That’s why we’re listing all the locations we’ve found (so far!) and passing the information over to you. Most of the collectibles are your basic letters, while others can only be found on dead bodies. Don’t forget to loot everyone you meet, and watch out for eagle statues — you’ll want to blast all those examples of Nazi tyranny whenever you can.

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Mission 1 – San Celini Island | All Collectibles Guide

There are 7 types of collectibles in Sniper Elite 4 — Duty Rosters, Letters From Home, Letters To Home, Last Letters, Sniper Reports, Documents, and Deadeye Targets. 

Finding all the collectibles will unlock the following achievements / trophies: The Collector, A Bird in the Hand, and Greatest Hits. Collectibles can’t be missed — any mission can be replayed from the Mission Select menu. All missions show how many collectibles you’ve found, and how many are left to collect. 

  • Sniper Report #1: Found in the ruined tower at the start of the mission, left of the broken gate doors that lead to the main island mission area.
  • Deadeye Target #1: From the tower with the previous collectible, look out from the missing section of wall. To the left of the lighthouse, there’s a stone eagle at the top of the ruins to the north.
  • Letters to Home #1: East of the Sniper Report tower, enter the small area with the camp fire and two buildings on the map. The letter is on a log near the fire.
  • Letters from Home #1: Inside a camp tent, located west from the large village with the “Destroy Cameras / Kill Nazi Officers” objective — central large village.
  • Duty Roster #1: Held by the Nazi Officer in the north-central “?” village area.
  • Last Letter #1: Search the body of the soldier that accompanies the Nazi Officer in the north-central village.
  • Misc Documents #1: On a corner table along the wall of the pink-ish village where the Nazi Officer patrols in the north-central village area.
  • Last Letter #2: Center island, enter the lower caves and tunnels and find the encampment on the sand. Search the soldier at the fire
  • Letters from Home #2: In the partially-collapsed tunnel checkpoint west of the “Kill Nazi Officer” objective in the east-central “?” marker on the island. Entering the tunnel from the west side, look on the desk through the first door on your left.
  • Letters to Home #2: Search the two-tent camp along the checkpoint road, west from the east-central “?” area. It’s just off the paved road.
  • Letter from Home #3: Circle around from the low canyon path you start from to reach a camp overlooking your initial approach into the island.
  • Deadeye Target #2: From the southernmost “?” area, look west for a ruined tower with this iron eagle on top.
  • Letters to Home #3: Near the Deadeye Target ruin, there’s another two-tent camp. One of the desks features a letter.
  • Letters to Home #4: Take the stairs down opposite the Deadeye Target ruin to find a campfire surrounded by boxes and supplies. There’s a letter on one of the seats.
  • Last Letter #3: Enter the southernmost “?” point — a dock with trucks parked about — take out the soldier on the stone wall with the crane and search his body.
  • Duty Roster #2: Kill the Nazi Officer in the same dock area to collect the roster of his body.
  • Misc Document #2 + #3: Enter the office at the southernmost “?” dock to find both of these notes on two separate desks.
  • Misc Document #4: Down the western road from the east-central “?” location, there’s a ruined house with a wall built alongside it. Look for the grey wall with the doorway — there’s a pile of debris along the back of the ruined building, near the stone wall door with this document.
  • Letters from Home #4: On a table near the misc document, there’s a bunch of radio equipment. It’s in the same courtyard area. Both this and the Misc Document are just down the hill from the barn that contains a camera and a Nazi Officer.
  • Duty Roster #3: In the barn with the Nazi Officer / camera in the east-central “?” spot, kill the officer and collect the roster.
  • Misc Document #5: In the same barn, look on the communications equipment near the front door.
  • Deadeye Target #3: Found on the ruin in the far southeastern corner of the island.
  • Duty Roster #4: Go to the “?” south of the General’s location. In the town, find the Nazi Officer and loot the body. Find him in the building with the large metal tower.
  • Last Letter #4: Loot the soldier that patrols north of the Nazi Officer communications building in the village. He’s usually standing in a motorpool.
  • Misc Document #6: Found on a desk, in a building to the right as you enter the village from the southern road. Look for a small workshop area, across the street from the Nazi Officer’s HQ.
  • Letters to Home #5: Enter the Nazi Officer’s HQ in the village. Look in the office area to the right of the stairs.
  • Misc Document #7: Go up to the second floor of the HQ — it’s on the desk to the right of the balcony door.
  • Last Letter #5: Go to the General’s HQ (the huge mansion) and loot the soldier that patrols the first floor, near the kitchen.
  • Letters from Home #5: Use the two ladders on the scaffolding to reach the third floor office containing this letter.
  • Misc Document #8: Loot General Schmidt himself to collect the last document.


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