Gravity Rush 2: 100% Trophy Completion Guide | Platinum Walkthrough

“What goes up must come down” doesn’t apply to Kat, the heroine of Gravity Rush 2. She’s a flying ‘Gravity Queen’ that’s lost in the void of a strange world suspended in the skies. Her ability isn’t about flight — instead, she “falls” in different directions by shifting gravity.

Learning how to control this unique ability is just one aspect of this massive open-world game, and unlocking every single trophy for the coveted Platinum isn’t so easy to accomplish all on your own. Get a helping hand with Gameranx as we delve into every aspect of Gravity Rush 2, right here on the 100% completion walkthrough.

For you trophy hunters out there, Gravity Rush 2 is actually fairly straight-forward. We wouldn’t say it’s easy, but anyone with enough dedication can earn the Platinum. The toughest part, as with most action games, is getting gold on all the challenge missions. You can always level-up and replay missions at a later date — important to keep in mind.

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100% Trophy Completion Guide | Platinum Walkthrough

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Mining Expert (Silver)

Collected 5 talisman stones.

Talismans are equip-able items found in mining sites, as rewards for treasure hunts, or through special events. The easiest way to get talisman stones is entering mining sites — look for a yellow icon on your map to travel to a mining site.

Getting 5 talisman stones is easy — just smash green crystals. Talisman stones will randomly drop from green ore crystals, and it is very possible to collect 5 talismans in a single trip. When you return, the stones will be automatically appraised, which reveals their special effects.

Rift Hunter (Silver)

Defeated the five giant Nevi that appear with mining site gravity disturbances.

Giant Nevi appear when strange gravitation disturbances are reported at mining sites. This new phenomena only begins once you’ve started Chapter 2. Use the yellow circle icon to access mining sites you’ve already explored — every so often, one of these sites will be marked with a purple warning indicating that there is a strange gravity disturbance. That’s when you’ll want to return to the marking mining sites to encounter  Giant Nevi.

Defeating Giant Nevi will reward you with special Premium Talismans.

Sewer Aficionado (Silver)

Discovered every mysterious warp manhole.

Warp Manholes are special fast-travel markers that unlock after Kat activates them. Find all the locations here:

Camera Men (Bronze)

Completed the men’s portrait collection.

Smile for the Camera (Bronze)

Completed the women’s portrait collection.

Once you reach Chapter 2: Jirga Para Lhao, Kat gains the camera. Tap [Up] on the D-Pad and you’ll be able to take snapshots. But, that’s not enough.

To unlock the Men’s Portraits and Women’s Portraits Collection menu, accessed while in camera mode with [Left Touchpad], you’ll need to complete Side Mission: Oh, Sweet Little Lady. It is available once you reach Jirga Para Lhao. After completing it, you’ll unlock the Collections.

Jirga Para Lhao Portraits Gallery


Find all the locations on Gameranx here:

Like Men / Women Portraits, there are also collections for Hekseville / Jirga Para Lhao sites. 

Tour Guide (Bronze)

Discovered all of the sites in Jirga Para Lhao.

Tour Conductor (Bronze)

Discovered all the sites of Hekseville.

Find all the site locations on Gameranx here:

New Challenger (Bronze)

Played a Challenge Mission.

Challenge Missions become available once you reach Chapter 2: Jirga Para Lhao. Look for a green icon — challenge missions are completely optional, but earning Gold will get you one of the trickiest trophies around. These missions can be replayed as required.

To make life easier, don’t bother trying to get gold on Challenge Missions until you’ve leveled Kat up quite a bit. The more power she has, the easier it will be to complete these challenges.

  • Bronze Medalist (Bronze)
    • Completed all challenge missions with bronze or better.
  • Silver Medalist (Silver)
    • Completed all challenge missions with silver or better.
  • Gold Medalist (Gold)
    • Completed all challenge missions with gold or better.

High Wind Alert (Silver)

Defeated 10 enemies within 10 seconds using one Gravity Typhoon.

Save Gravity Typhoon for Mission 11, during the storm. When the sky is filled with enemies, hold [Circle] when the SP Meter is full to automatically target everything near Kat with a surge of infinite thrown debris. Don’t kill too many enemies, you’ll need at least 10.

Lunar Vortex (Bronze)

Grabbed 5 enemies with one Lunar Style Vortex Field.

Unlock Lunar Style Vortex Field — this is easiest against large packs of enemies. Use it at the start of Mission 18: Two Angels to wipe out a group of robots.

Event Horizon (Silver)

Defeated 10 enemies with one Micro Black Hole.

Like the previous trophy, this is easy to unlock during Mission 18: Two Angels. Power-up and unleash a Micro Black Hole to easily kill 10+ enemies.

Ball of Destruction (Bronze)

Defeated 3 enemies with one Jupiter Style Debris Ball.

An easy one — once you get the Debris Ball, target any cluster of three enemies. Plenty are available. If you missed a chance, use the Debris Ball on the swarm of bots in Mission 18.

Surge of Power (Bronze)

Defeated 5 enemies with one Jupiter Style Surge Kick.

Right after unlocking the Jupiter Style Surge Kick, target a cluster of enemies and hold [Square] while shifting gravity to smash a ground of them easily.

Cat Claw (Silver)

Defeated 10 enemies with one Spiraling Claw.

First, unlock the “Longer Duration” ability for Special Attacks in the Power Up menu. You’ll need the longer attack. When the SP Meter is full, hold [Triangle] to automatically target every enemy in the vicinity with a spinning gravity kick.

Wait until your SP Meter is full in Chapter 2: Jirga Para Lhao. One of the missions will force Kat to encounter a squad of soldiers in Lei Colmosna. Unleash the Spiraling Claw here to get 10 defeats.

Kat Versus World (Silver)

Defeated 1,000 enemies.

As you progress through the campaign, you’re bound to defeat 1,000 enemies total. If you haven’t, there are a few ways you can get plenty of extra kills without replaying story missions.

  1. Play combat-oriented Challenge Missions.
  2. Go to Mining Sites.

Mining Sites are filled with enemies, but killing them can be slow. Don’t worry, if you defeat lots of enemies during the story, you probably won’t have to grind this trophy.

A Day In Kat’s Life  (Bronze)

Completed 1 side mission.

To accept side-missions, open your right [Right on the D-Pad] and look for blue diamond markers. These are side-quests, and there are 50+ available as you progress through the story.

The first side mission is available in Chapter 1, Banga Settlement. Complete “Dream Doll, Angel Doll” for Cecie. All you have to do is collect 6 missing ducks. The trickiest duck is found on the side of the mining barge facing the gravel pit.

  • Kat’s Daily Routine (Silver)
    • Completed 20 side missions.
  •  Kat Working Overtime (Silver)
    • Completed 40 side missions.
  •  Lifetime Service Award (Gold)
    • Completed all side missions.

To earn these trophies, you’ll need to complete every side-mission in Gravity Rush 2. Check out the complete list of side missions and when they’re available below.

Find every optional mission requirement and reward here:

Kat Rising (Bronze)

Returned to Banga Settlement

Earned automatically after completing the prologue.

Gravity Test (Bronze)

Complete the gravity shifting tutorial.

Can’t be missed. Unlocked right after completing the short Gravity tutorial in Banga Settlement.

Banga Sets Sail (Bronze)

Completed the Banga Chapter.

Complete Mission 4: A Dog Without a Collar to unlock this trophy.

  • Sacred Trio (Bronze)
    • Equipped all three types of talismans at one time.
  • Talisman Crafter (Bronze)
    • Merged a talisman 3 times.
  • Saghassi Fan (Bronze)
    • Found all of Saghassi’s Paintings in Jirga Para Lhao.
  • Saghassi Maniac (Bronze)
    • Found all of Saghassi’s Paintings in Hekseville.
  • Power Kat (Silver)
    • Raised all of Kat’s powers to the maximum.
  • Gem Collector (Gold)
    • Collected 60,000 precious gems.
  •  Mining Instructions (Silver)
    • Reached the 3rd Layer of the Delvool Mining Trench.
  • Pipe Coordinator (Silver)
    • Placed 9 types of furniture in Kat’s Pipe House.

Ultimate Shifter (Platinum)

Collected every trophy.

Get this trophy and you’re done. That’s it! Relax. That’s a lot of Gravity Rush 2.

BONUS: Unlockable Costumes

Jazz Singer: Unlocked by completing Episode 8: Like A Radio.

More coming soon.