Gravity Rush 2’s Free Story DLC Takes About Five Hours to Finish

Remember how hard it was to hear Gravity Rush 2 being delayed from December 2016 to January 2017? That’s why Sony decided to release the game’s story DLC for free.

In a recent interview with Game Director Keiichiro Toyama, courtesy of Famitsu translated by Gematsu, we got to know how long the game’s story DLC will be. You will take about five hours to complete the expansion if you take your time. He continued to discuss the DLC’s setting, since it will ark the left over from the previous game and its relation with the children.

It will depict what happens to ark left over at the end of the previous game and the children. At first we wanted to put it in the main story, but we decided to cut it since those who didn’t play the previous game wouldn’t understand it. Taking your time playing it will take about five hours.

Toyama talked about Gravity Rush 2’s future in terms of expansions and updates.

It’s still a blank slate, but I feel like I’ve put my all into it this time, so if I make a sequel, I want it to be something new. For example, if there was new hardware that allows for a new way to express things, then I may want to make it.

The game launches today on PS4.