Gravity Rush 2: All Hekseville / Jirga Para Lhao Sites | Tour Guide

With Kat’s trusty camera, you’ll be able to earn the Tour Guide and Tour Conductor trophies with these twenty unique locations in each of Gravity Rush 2’s major city hubs. Both cities feature a sightseeing collection, and if you want to upload all 20 spots without struggling to solve each and every clue, we’ve got the locations below — including screenshots and maps to make finding these sites easy.

Just remember, the site collections aren’t available from the start of the game. You’ll need to unlock the special collections (and the 10 clue for each city) in your camera’s collection menu before taking snapshots. If you don’t have the collection already available, taking pictures is just a big waste of film.

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All Hekseville / Jirga Para Lhao Sites | Locations Guide

[Work-In-Progress: All Jirga Para Lhao sites added. Hekseville sites coming soon.]

Jirga Para Lhao Sites

#1: Water Tank

  • Location: Houseboat Fleet – Take a picture of the giant water tank in the Houseboat Fleet. You can’t miss it — it’s just across from the Angry Centipede HQ. You use the Water Tank in Episode 6: Separate Tables.

#2: Giant Monitor

  • Location: Marketplace – From the Archway Viewing Screen manhole, find this giant screen ahead. It’s above the steps leading out from the market square.

#3: Mechanical Clock

  • Location: Marketplace – The massive clock is attached to the corner building near the Overlook Plaza Fountain manhole.

#4: Traveler’s God Statue

  • Location: Marketplace – This one is easy. Head to the Radale Memorial Park area — there’s a huge deer-headed statue. That’s the special site.

#5: Tosmolo Sea Horse Statue

  • Location: Marketplace – The statue is located on a grassy terrace beneath the Tritower manhole. If you haven’t found it yet, the Tritower Hotel manhole is at the base of the tallest building in the skyscraper district.

#6: Hotel Ni-Eova Symbol

  • Location: Marketplace – The symbol is the object located on the tallest tower in the western section of the marketplace zone. Take a picture of the curved thing on a dome at the very top of the Tritower Hotel.

#7: Karkeimo Demon Statue

  • Location: Marketplace – Find the statue in the Sun Mansion (That’s the large house in the southwestern corner of the skyscraper district) to find the demon statue. It’s the statue on the tallest domed roof.

#8: Victor’s Fountain

  • Location: Old Settlement – See the tiny island floating high above the park in the center of the Old Settlement? Take a picture of the water and trees here.

#9: Ginaure Fish Statue


  • Location: Central Authority – You’ll find this one in the Central Authority zone, at the top of the government island with the palace. It can’t usually be accessed, but you can get it by replaying the story mission “No Messiah, No Message”.

#10: Raleplessie Bird Statue


  • Location: Central Authority – Once you can access the Fort Bismalia Deck manhole, this statue is located right next to the manhole itself. Float over to get a good look at the bird statue on the tall pole.

Hekseville Sites

Screenshots and map locations coming soon.