Battlefield 1: Best Ways to Get XP & Level Up | Fast Ranks Guide


There’s no great trick to earning XP in Battlefield 1 — it’s all about using the mechanics efficiently. Here you’ll find our recommendations to help you rank up; what to look out for in the meta-game, and what tasks you’ll want to accomplish for all those sweet XP bonuses. Kill / Death ratios won’t help you here.

Even the crappiest Battlefield 1 player can unlock every class rank. Here, you’ll find your overall level and class ranks separated — so always play as the class you’re most interested in leveling-up. Gaining rank in a specific class unlocks new kit customization. You’ll unlock new gear, weapons, and gadgets. And always keep a look-out for squads.

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How to Earn Fast XP | Guide

You’ll earn XP for just about everything in Battlefield 1, and if you’re a MLG-level badass with insane K/D — you probably don’t need these tips. Here, we’re covering the aspects of Battlefield 1 that will help a normal player advance quickly, and explain why those systems make life just a little easier.

  • All tanks / planes have their own progression, similar to each of the four core classes. If you want to level-up assault / scout / medic / support, you’ll have to avoid using tanks. And if you want to use vehicles, try to select the same vehicle consistently to unlock variants.

Complete Weekly Medal Challenges

Before even starting a map in Battlefield 1, you can select one of multiple medal challenges. By choosing a medal, you effectively lock yourself into a weekly “challenge” — with a set objective, and several small sub-objectives — to complete over the week.

  • This is a custom goal, and medals are swapped out / reset on a weekly basis. If you do not complete your medal challenges before the end of the weekly period, you’ll lose all progress. Always keep track of your medal progress!

Why select a medal? Simple. For all the XP bonuses. You earn a small XP reward for completing the sub-challenges, and a large XP reward for completing the main medal.


There are medals for all roles, and each medal puts you on a certain weekly “track” you’ll want to follow — there are vehicle medals, medic medals, and support medals. All the challenges and sub-challenges tie into these class roles.

  • You’ll find 3/4/5 sub-challenges to complete each medal. After completing a medal, a harder version of that same medal may appear.

Track these challenges and always aim to complete your weekly medal tracks. Even if you don’t plan on completing the full medal challenge, finishing the sub-challenges will earn you easy XP rewards.

Always Push To the Objective [Conquest / Operations]

Helping the team is the best way to earn XP in Battlefield 1, and that means one of two things — playing in squads, or capturing objectives / capture points.

  • Always Finish Your Matches: Stay to the end of a match to receive bonus XP rewards, including new XP multipliers. These multipliers can be earned through a variety of ways, but you’ll always miss them if you leave a game before it ends.

The trick here is to capture objectives. There are two major modes you’ll want to focus on here; Conquest, or the longer Operations mode.


Work with your team, because even if you don’t personally hold an objective, everyone on the capturing team will earn an XP reward when a point is captured.

  • Use light vehicles to rush to points. If a point is already captured, work together with your team. You’ll earn the point capture XP reward just for being in the area.

Don’t waste tank / plane tickets — tanks are too slow, and faster vehicles are always at the initial spawn. Planes are faster, but you’ll waste a ticket, hurt your team’s chances, and capture a point that will (probably) get re-captured very quickly — unless you’re handy with the weak Pilot class kit.

Working with a squad has benefits, and here’s why you’ll want to roll with a squad.

Squads Give XP Bonuses

You don’t need friends to join a squad in Battlefield 1. Check out LFG websites [Here! Or here!] to find people to play with, and you’ll gain all the XP benefits the squad system has to offer.

  • Squad Leader’s Ability to Mark Objectives for XP Bonuses: The Squad Leader can mark capture points¬†on the map to attack / defend. Even if you’re not there, if a marked spot is successfully defended / captured, you’ll earn an XP reward.

Working closely with a team means you’ll get a higher kill count, and gives you more chances to resupply / revive teammates.


  • Respawn at your squad to get into the action fast.

Being in a squad is a basic XP multiplier — you’ll do more of everything, and do it much faster.

Got your own Battlefield 1 XP-earning tips? Sound off in the comments and we’ll include more right here!