Battlefield 1: How to Get the Cavalry Sword | Unique Kit Guide


Charge with your saber drawn and unlock the “Mightier than the shovel” achievement / trophy with the Cavalry Kit in Battlefield 1. The special Elite Class Kits were revealed in the Beta, but now we know there are more kits to find outside the basic four, and the vehicle class kits. These Cavalry Kits can be found standard in multiplayer maps, but there’s also one hidden in the campaign. That’s the kit we’re going to focus on here.

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How to Get the Cavalry Kit | Map Locations Guide

To find the Cavalry Sword in the story, access the first campaign — “Through Mud and Blood” — then continue to the third section of the area.

  1. Start Campaign 1: Through Mud and Blood and continue to the Breakdown section.
  2. Continue to the French village where you’ll need to collect parts for your broken tank. This is the village with the windmill on the hill overlooking the town.
  3. In the town, there’s a two-story structure with a mounted MG turret in the window, directly above a corner door. This is a building right on mainstreet, near the edge of town facing the windmill.
  4. Directly beneath the MG turret, you’ll find the Cavalry Sword under a table on the first floor.

Now that you have the cavalry sword, simply use it to kill any enemy to unlock the achievement / trophy. Sadly, there are no horses here.

How the Cavalry Kit Works in Multiplayer

The Cavalry Kit is a completely new kit unique to players that choose to spawn on a horse in the pre-combat menu. After spawning on a horse, the player will gain a special kit with two variations — mounted, and dismounted.

  • Weapons:
    • Primary: Russian 1895 Rifle
    • Sidearm: Saber (Mounted), Handgun (Dismounted)
  • Gadgets: Ammo Pouch, Bandage Pouch, AT Grenades

The Russian 1895 Rifle features separate ammo pouches when mounted / dismounted, and the saber can only be used when mounted. This class is a versatile ambush / support soldier, with some medic / support capabilities. The class cannot bring fallen soldier back to life because they do not come with a syringe, but they do have bandages, and can even resupply teammates with ammo. Their light AT grenades can help disable or destroy tanks, as well.

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