The Division Guide: Dark Zone Bosses, Division Tech and Loot Chests Map

the division city streets
As the game continues to break sales records, more and more gamers are learning about what it’s like to lose themselves in The Division’s brand of post-apocalyptic mayhem. And a big part of losing yourself in the game is finding the best ways to hunt down and salvage Division Tech.

But what is Division Tech? It’s a resource that you need to craft any of the most powerful weapons and gear in The Division, of course. It can only be found in the Dark Zone, the game’s PVP area where there are no rules and you can be dead at the hands of another Division agent in a heartbeat. You’ll need it in addition to crafting schematics (which you only need to acquire once), Phoenix Credits, and a variety of raw crafting materials to gear up.

Of course, finding Division Tech isn’t always easy. The most obvious thing to do is to head to any of the highlighted landmarks in the Dark Zone and clean them out. Like other crafting materials, Division Tech is available in uncommon, specialized and high-end forms. What makes it so special is the fact that you can convert it into any other crafting material, so you won’t have to wait for some lucky purple gun drop to get purple weapon parts–you’ll just need purple Division Tech and you’ll be set.

Keep in mind that Division Tech chests are on a zone-wide timer, so if one player opens a chest, it will be a short period of time before other players can loot the chest. This can cause some players (this might even be you) to get aggressive with others. Players in squads need not fret, however, as anything you loot from a chest (including Division Tech) will be spawned for the entire squad to pick up individually.

It’s up to you to figure out what the best route for farming Division Tech is, but this map created by tGryffin for the Division community on Reddit will save you a lot of trouble.

The map contains the locations of every Division Tech cache in the Dark Zone, as well as boss spawns and loot crates.

Division Tech Map