The Division Guide: Full List Of Outfits And How To Get Them

The Division offers a cosmetic layer of equipment that you can wear over your armor. These items don’t have any stats on them, but they let you to look cool as heck when you’re gunning down escaped inmates and gang members in the rough streets of chaotic Manhattan.

The only microtransactions that Ubisoft offers for the game come in the form of vanity items—or appearance-based gear. At the moment, there are only two packs available: The Military Specialists Pack and the Marine Forces Pack. Other vanity items are available for those who pre-ordered the game or participated in the few pre-release promotions they ran prior to its release.

Here’s what you can get:

Hazmat Gear Set

  • POF P416 Assault Rifle
  • Hazmat Go-Bag (+health skills)
  • Hazmat Outfit

Requirements: Pre-order the game

National Guard Gear Set

  • National Guard Outfit
  • National Guard Go-Bag (+armor perk)
  • POF P416 Assault Rifle

Requirements: Own the Gold or Sleeper Agent editions, or purchase the Season Pass.

The gear will be obtainable through other means in the future.

Ubisoft Club Rewards

  • BrokerOutfit (40 Points)
  • Iconic Division Jacket(30 Points)
  • Centurions Basketball Fan Pack(30 Points)
    • Centurions Hat
    • Centurions Jacket

Requirements: “Purchase” these rewards through the Ubisoft shop. You need “Upoints”, earned through in-game accomplishments.

Agent Origins Promotion

  • ParamedicOutfit, weapon, and backpack
  • FirefighterOutfit, weapon, and backpack
  • PoliceOutfit, weapon, and backpack
  • HunterOutfit, weapon, and backpack

Requirements: Enter a special code at the Ubisoft website after watching the Agent Origins videos.

If you missed them the first time, these outfits will be available to Season Pass holders at a later date.

Alpha / Beta

  • New York Shortbows Weapon Skin(Xbox Only)
    • Requirements: Participate in Xbox Alpha testing
  • Shortbows Sports Cap
    • Requirements: Participate in closed beta
  • Shortbows Sports Jacket
    • Requirements: Participate in open beta

Season Pass Bonus Outfits

  • NY Trooper Outfit
  • Motorcycle Police Outfit
  • Sheriff Outfit
  • SWAT Outfit

Requirements: Own the Season Pass.

Rainbow 6: Siege

  • Rainbow 6: Siege Tactical Suit

Requirements: Own Rainbow Six: Siege

Purchasable DLC

  • Marine Forces Pack
    • Four Marine-themed Outfits, weapons, and backpacks
    • Requirements: Purchase from the DLC store
  • Military Outfit Pack
    • Four Military-themed Outfits, weapons, and backpacks
    • Requirements: Purchase from the DLC store

If you’re interested in seeing what each of these outfits looks like, redditors have put together the following gallery of images showcasing each set.