EVE Online Teams Up With MMOS For Scientific Scutwork

CCP Games has teamed up with the Massively Multiplayer Online Science organization, otherwise known as MMOS, to help in the research and discovery of protein functions within human cells. This may sound complex and intimidating to take part if your an EVE Online player, but the actual research is a breeze to complete and there are rewards to give an incentive in dedicating some of your time during the partnership. Take a look at how you can get involved in helping the progression of learning the proteins found in humans.

Just as the YouTube video showcases up above. A new mini-game will be available at any given time called Project Discovery. This will open up a matching based game where players will be presented with an image of a human cell in which case, players will have to best classify what category the cell sample belongs to such as a Cytoplasm or Nucleus. Although within the five categories, players are tasked with picking one of the several subcategories the cell unit best resembles.

As the general consensus determines which category the cell unit belongs to, the majority will receive a rank where over time rewards will be given out to those at certain rank percentiles. Although, it was noted that if a player drops too far down in rank then they will not be granted any rewards. This will give players a task of keeping a close eye at the images rather than freely deciding a category. Essentially, gamers are simply tasked with matching images without having to learn any of the advanced medical jargon while still helping out in medical advancements.