Dust 514 is Closing, New EVE Online Shooter Incoming

Dust 514
Dust 514
, the PlayStation 3-exclusive online first-person shooter set in the EVE Online universe is coming to a close. The game launched in mid-2013 exclusively on the PlayStation 3 platform after being announced years prior in 2009. Despite being free-to-play, it was poorly reviewed and didn’t see much traction with gamers, who preferred any number of other shooters available on the console.

The game was played in conjunction with EVE Online, with events playing out on the ground as well as in space. The game’s developer CCP announced today that they will be shuttering the Dust 514 servers on May 30, 2016–just a few short months from now. They plan to announce a new game to take its place. Like Dust 514, the new title is a first person shooter.

“It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Dust 514 will be shutting down on May 30th, 2016,” announced the developer on its official forums. “We therefore will not be releasing the 1.3 update as we had planned. Players will continue to be able to play for free on our servers until then, but all further PSN packs and purchases have been removed and disabled from the in-game marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Players with existing Aurum will be able to continue to purchase items from the in-game marketplace.”

The studio states that the team responsible for Dust 514 will be heading the development of the new, as-yet-unannounced title. Based in Shanghai, China, the studio has been working on the FPS using Unreal Engine 4 and plans to reveal it at the upcoming EVE Fanfest, which takes place on April 21, 2016.

The studio says they will provide “tiered recognition rewards” for any Dust 514 players who sign up for the new game.