Fallout 4’s Secret Holotape Games: The Full List

As you spend the entire weekend sleeplessly powering through Fallout 4, don’t forget to track down the five Holotapes in the game that will allow you to play parodied versions of older arcade games. And they’re not just there for the novelty – if you play one of them, you’ll unlock the Future Retro Trophy.

Red Menace

When you wake up in Vault 111, you’ll be able to find a recreation terminal after looking around. Activate it and you’ll be able to get the game Red Menace which is basically a Donkey Kong parody. Once you play, you’ll unlock the trophy, but there are four additional ones you can track down.

Atomic Command

It’s basically Missile Command. Save Boston and a slew of other iconic American cities from utter destruction!


An obvious take on Pitfall that allows you to play as a Vault boy who needs to collect bobbleheads against a timer.

Grognak The Barbarian and the Ruby Ruins

The most bizarrely retro of the Holotapes, Grognak is a text RPG.

Zeta Invaders

The Fallout version of Space Invaders.

You can play these games using the official Fallout 4 companion app for Android and iOS devices. There are ways to hack the game to get them all without having to go through the unlock process, but where’s the fun in that?