Death’s Door: Mushroom Dungeon Guide | All Secrets & Puzzle Solutions

The second major dungeon of Death’s Door adds nonlinear exploration and even tougher enemies to the mix. To complete this dungeon, you’ll need to solve some tricky puzzles, fight tough bad guys, and explore every nook and cranny. There are some powerful treasures to find here, including a new hammer weapon. We’ll explain how to navigate the area, get the keys you need, and how to find secret collectibles. Once this area is complete, it’s a straight shot to the Frog King’s lair!

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How To Reach The Mushroom Dungeon | Overgrown Ruins Guide

To reach the Overgrown Ruins, go to the Guardian of the Door boss arena. Past that, there’s an unlit urn. You can use your [Flame Spell] to light it and unlock the path to the Overgrown Ruins.

To access the Overgrown Ruins from the Lost Cemetery, use the Flame Spell on the odd urn — a hanging lift will arrive after a short time.

  • Adventure Journal: Stranded Sailor — Go down the stairs from Pothead’s tent and run toward the cave wall. There’s a hidden passage you can walk through (north of the dock) that leads to this collectible.

How To Get The Magic Horn: The Magic Horn is a special item the people of the Forest Settlement need in the Overgrown Ruins. The only clue they’ll give you is that it’s located at the old camp to the north.

Keep following the path through the forest — use the blue vines and the explosive plant launchers to break through the cracked walls. Return with the Magic Horn to gain access to the Mushroom Dungeon.

Mushrom Dungeon | Dungeon Guide

Welcome to the Mushroom Dungeon. Unlock the Reaper HQ portal, and burn through the cobwebs on the first door. The rest of the paths are blocked (for now) — clear out the enemies until you encounter the Frog King for the first time. There’s a [Life Seed] on the bridge here. Ahead, you’ll find the Ancient Door Spirit.

Once again, you need to hunt down four Free Souls.

First Free Soul

In the Ancient Door room, there are two doors on the lower level. The left door leads to a dead end. Instead, go to the lower-right door and use the bomb plants to break through the cracked barriers while avoiding the spitting fire plants.

Go up in the chamber to a cobweb blocked passage. Burn through with the Flame Spell — and look to your left for a [Mass of Soul Energy] behind another set of cobwebs. This leads to a combat room. If you’ve never fought the tiny spitter enemies, just use a Bow attack to stun them, then you can attack. If you don’t stun them first, they’ll hide in the ground before you can attack.

Clear the enemies and collect the First Free Soul.

Second Free Soul

From the first room (after the Ancient Portal) leads to the [Key]. Use the bomb plant to break the barrier between the two braziers, then light both on fire with the Flame Spell. This lowers the [Key] allowing you to collect it. There’s also a [Life Seed] up the ladder. Next to the [Life Seed], there’s a tiny path that leads back to the Portal Room at the start where you can unlock the first shortcut.

Continue down into the large room with a statue and a sign pointing you to the “Frog King’s Domain” — don’t go that way yet, instead use the [Key] on the door. Inside, you’ll face a tough enemy encounter with new Bomb Warrior enemies. Use dash-attacks to break their shields and hit them without getting hit yourself.

Clear the encounter and you’ll gain your first Free Soul. Up the stairs, you’ll find a [Life Seed] and a shortcut back to the Overgrown Ruins.

Third Free Soul

Travel southwest from the key door to find a second key door past the bridge where the Frog King appears. Use the door up the stairs from the locked door to create your second shortcut to the Reaper HQ Portal.

To get the [Second Key], you need to light three braziers on three different tiers. Light them in this order; bottom, top, middle. Start at the bottom, use the vine, light the top, then drop down and light the middle one.

Through the second key door, you’ll encounter the Frog King again. In the water-filled room above, there’s a bigger enemy encounter with more Bomb Warriors. Dash-attack and dodge, pelting them with arrows from afar to safely take them out. Your reward is the Third Free Soul.

Getting Soul Energy & Thunder Hammer Weapon

Continuing on from the Second Key Door, you can find a ladder leading up to a room with a [Mass of Soul Energy]. You can’t reach it up on the high shelf, so exit through the door.

  • Mass of Soul Energy: Outside the dungeon, at another shortcut leading to the Overgrown Ruins. Travel northwest of the Second Key Door.

From this Overgrown Ruins shortcut, climb up the ladder and follow the tower walls around to another switch that lowers a ladder and unlocks a door. Go inside and drop down to find a special weapon.

  • Thunder Hammer: Overgrown Ruins – In the Mushroom Dungeon, in the room with the “Frog Kingdom” sign in the far-right, reach the far-left corner to reach a ladder leading to a room that takes you to the Overgrown Ruins. Take the ladders here up around the walls and use the switch to unlock a gate below. Inside the gate, there’s a single room filled with crates. Smash them all to reveal a hole that drops you down to the Mushroom Dungeon where this hammer is located.

On the way back, near the same shortcut, there’s a hole in the roof above the room we passed through earlier with the [Mass of Soul Energy] we couldn’t reach. Drop through the hole in Overgrown Ruins onto the high shelf and you’ll be able to reach it.

Optional Third Key

Back on track, return to the room with the Second Free Soul and exit through the upper-right door. The [Third Key] is in this puzzle room. Break the cracked stone barrier by shooting the bomb plant with an arrow, then light all three braziers with three Flame Spells from the center.

This key is used to get a collectible under the bridge to the Ancient Portal. You can return later once you’ve acquired the next spell upgrade.

Fourth Free Soul

The Fourth Free Soul is easy — in the large room with all the locked doors, there’s an arena in the middle. Look for it while crossing from the far-right side to the left side. Enter the arena to fight the Bomb Warriors and plants. Complete the enemy encounter and you’ll get the Fourth (and final) Free Soul.

Ancient Door Spirit / Bomb Spell

Again, you’ll have to fight four waves of enemies. The toughest enemies are the Bomb Warriors, Plague Doctor, and Poison Wizards. To make fighting Bomb Warriors easier, charge your melee attack and let them walk into your attack range, then back away and repeat. For the Plague Doctor, just lead the spiders in circles while you hit-and-run. The final part is the trickiest. I recommend taking out the regular Wizards first. You can be in poison for a moment before taking damage, so just dodge-roll out if you enter. The Poison Wizards look intimidating, but they’re not too strong — dodge toward them to avoid their attack and stun them.

For completing the Avarice Challenge, you’ll unlock the [Bomb Spell]! Now you can break cracked walls. It uses two charges, but its worth it. Don’t miss the [Mass of Soul Energy] up the stairs on your way to the exit of Reaper HQ.

  • Ancient Reaper Door: Reaper HQ — On the way out of the Bomb Spell abandoned office area, you can find an optional locked door with two unlit urns. Light them to unlock an office with this collectible. You’ll also find a Logbook and a bonus [Mass of Soul Energy].
  • Surveillance Device: Reaper HQ — Near the Stranded Sailor, there’s a cracked barrier you can break through with the Bomb Spell. You’ll also find a Logbook and a [Mass of Soul Energy].
  • Corrupted Antler: Mushroom Dungeon — Visible from the bridge south of the dungeon Ancient Portal. Use the Bomb Spell to break the cracked wall in the First Key room (southeast of the Ancient Portal) and get the third optional key north of the far Free Soul location.

Return to the Mushroom Dungeon and you can now blast your way through to the Flooded Fortress.