Death’s Door: How To Beat Grandma | Inner Furnace Dungeon Guide

To unlock the eponymous Death’s Door, you’re going to have to beat Grandma. The Urn Witch awaits in the bowels of the Inner Furnace dungeon — a small mini-dungeon you’ll have to blast through after solving the depths of the Ceramic Manor. At this point in the game, you can leave the manor and start exploring with your new Flame Spell. You can acquire hidden soul energy, grab more Life Seeds, or get your first Magic / Life Crystals. You can even go toward the second dungeon if you’re stuck.

With these tips, hopefully that won’t happen. I was able to take down the Urn Witch with +2 Strength and the Daggers, but you can use any weapon you want. Fighting the Urn Witch is all about careful positioning and smacking back her green projectiles to deal superior damage. With only four blips of health and no healing, you’ll have to play it safe and do your best to avoid taking any hits. If you’re made it this far, you should have some pretty good practice.

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Furnace Observation Rooms

To reach the Urn Witch’s Basement, light both urns to the left / right of the purple door in the Main Hall of the Mansion using your new Flame Spell. Use the [Key] we acquired earlier, and then ride the lift down.

Down below, attack the bull-shaped platform multiple times to ride across the gap. In the second room, smash all the crates to find a [Life Seed].

  • Mass of Soul Energy: In the third room, reach the southwest exit. Continue right, and up, and then left to reach an urn you can light up. This unlocks a gate below leading to an interior room.
  • Mass of Soul Energy: In the fourth room, light all four urns to lower all the gates and give you access to this mass of soul energy on the left ledge.

Before encountering the Urn Witch, go left (using the bull platform) to find an otherwise empty platform with a [Life Seed].

Follow the main path all the way until you encounter the Urn Witch. She’s disappear beyond a huge vault door. To open it, shoot the glowing furnace to the left with a Flame Spell. Ahead is the Inner Furnace dungeon.

Inner Furnace

In the first room, unlock the Reaper HQ portal and follow the main path. Ahead, you’ll encounter new enemies (clay blobs that split) and more furnaces. Light the furnace with your Flame Spell to start the mechanisms, allowing you to progress.

NEW ENEMY: Plague Doctors – Keep going until you encounter the Plague Doctor enemy that shoots volleys of explosive poison. Dodge-roll to avoid it, and you can lure enemies into the explosion to damage them. There’s a Green Pot here that you might need to heal up before you can take out the Plague Doctor personally.

Watch out — when the Plague Doctor is defeated, it drops its poison tank on the ground. It explodes after a moment. Continue into the next room to activate the furnace and create a new shortcut.

Shortcut: Ahead, you’ll reach more enemies (you can run past the clay blobs) and reach a conveyor belt. Go against it and use the platforms to reach a [Life Seed]. Past this room, you can hit another furnace to create a shortcut back to the Reaper HQ portal.

Move past the giant clay blob, and you’ll enter a series of combat encounters. Once you activate the furnace and activate the giant pushers, avoid the clay blobs and go straight for the bowmen / green vase enemies. Deal with the little guys, then take care of the big Plague Doctor to clear this room. There a [Life Seed] in the back corner of the Plague Doctor’s area.

Next, you’ll have to deal with two large square rooms with holes in the center that are packed with enemies. I recommend hanging back and luring enemies to you. Take care of them behind the pipes (projectiles can’t hit you) and use the green vase enemies to rebound projectiles back at enemies. Pepper them with arrows to make the encounters safer. One wrong roll can send you down a pit!

Conveyor Belt Puzzle: This annoying puzzle requires full Flame Spell charges. You’ll need to activate each Furnace in a row on the conveyor belt while a Plague Doctor uses his poison mortar. Shoot the Flame Spell across — then drop onto the raising / lowering platform and drop down directly in front of the second Furnace to activate it without wasting any charges.

If you run out of charges, you’ll have to backtrack and break the vases near the room entrance. Drop down in front of the third furnace, too! If you’re low on health, simply run straight ahead and activate the final shortcut. Then you can backtrack and grab the [Life Seed].

Shortcut: Near the third furnace in the Portal Room, ride the highest platform up into a giant clay blob room. Here, you need to activate multiple furnaces with Flame Spell while standing on the raising / lowering platforms. You can completely ignore the clay blobs. Just don’t let them block you in!

Continue through the passage full of bowmen — you can use the purple pots to blow them up — and you’ll reach the Urn Witch’s Laboratory. Unlock the portal here and prepare yourself for the big boss.

Great Soul Boss: Grandma – The Witch of Urns

Grandma uses a variety of vase-based attacks. She’ll start by teleporting around, throwing explosive (purple) or magic projectile (green) vases. Instead of attacking the green projectiles right away, try dodging until she reappears, then launch them back at her with a melee attack.

During this fight, constantly attack her with your bow when you’re unable to get in melee range. She’ll sometimes perform a dash spin attack without warning across the arena, but this is rare. Later in the fight, she’ll launch green projectiles with her dash — you can counter them with melee attacks.

Later, she’ll stuff herself inside a vase and bounce around. It takes awhile to stuff herself inside — use this time to lay into her with lots of attacks, then dash away to avoid her stomps. She’ll stomp 5 times, then change to her cannon attack. Stay close to her and roll through the projectiles (you can’t counter these) — you can get some dash-attacks in during this section if you’re feeling brave.

Later, she’ll introduce her final attack. She launches three magic vases from her hat — attack her in melee range while she’s doingt his, then counter the green magic back at her to deal bonus damage. You just need to watch out for the purple vases she throws rigth after.

Try to stay in the middle of the arena for most of this battle. She can knock you off the edge or damage you if she teleports right on top of you on the edges. Stay in the middle, roll-attack when she appears, and try to get in as many hits as you can between her attacks.

Defeat the boss to collect the Great Soul, then return to the Reaper HQ portal. You’re in for a small surprise — you’ll meet the Lord of Doors! Next, we need to go to the Flooded Cathedral in the east of the Lost Cemetary.