Death’s Door: How To Complete The Garden of Love Puzzle | Pothead’s Secret Garden

Death’s Door is full of locked path, barriers, and inaccessible areas right from the start. You’ll have to acquire the right magic or tools to make progress in these areas, but there’s one mysterious puzzle players can actually solve right at the start. Early in the game, you’ll enter the Urn Witch’s Estate — a vast garden outside her mansion with a few optional paths. One of those optional paths is the Garden of Love.

The Garden of Love is up (north) of the Urn Witch’s Mansion entrance. You’ll find a family plot with a large statue and a 5×5 grid of vases. Breaking five of the vases will cause the puzzle to reset. You won’t find the solution until much later in the game — and even then, its easy to miss. If you want to know how to solve the Garden of Love puzzle right now and collect your reward, check out the full puzzle guide below.

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The Garden of Love Puzzle Solution Guide

An optional garden to the northwest of the Mansion Entrance. Instead of enemies, you’ll find a puzzle here. You can also grab a Life Seed to the left of the puzzle in the Garden of Love. To solve the puzzle, your little Crow needs to break the pots in a specific order. The pots are laid out in a 5×5 grid. You must break the pots in the order shown below, starting with 1 and ending in 5.

  • 3 – 1 – X
  • – X – X –
  • X – 5 – X
  • – X – 2 –
  • X – X – 4
For reference, this is what the pot grid will look like when you’re done.

Break the pots in this very specific order and a secret path will appear. Follow it into the hidden area and collect the Rusty Garden Trowel.

Rusty Garden Trowel: Found in Pothead’s Secret Garden, accessed by solving the puzzle in the Garden of Love.

You’ll also earn a hidden achievement called “Plot Head” — and this secret area is required for the True Ending! So don’t forget it once you’ve unlocked Death’s Door. There’s still more secrets to discover!