Death’s Door: How To Get Every Weapon | All Bonus Weapon Locations

There’s only a small selection of weapons in Death’s Door for a reason. Each weapon is balanced so no weapon is more powerful than any other. Your standard, default Sword can be used from the beginning of the game to the end if you really want to stick with it. But, if you keep your eyes open and explore each area thoroughly, you can find useful bonus weapons that might fit your playstyle better.

One of the earliest weapons you can add to your Crow’s Soul Reaping arsenal are the daggers. These weapons attack twice as fast as the sword, and you can chain together a combo that’s twice as long. They’re not as powerful, but does that matter when you’re getting in more hits per second? For deft players that like to go on the offensive, the daggers are a good option! Each weapon has different positives and negatives you can weigh before taking it into battle.

Well, all weapons except for the umbrella. This joke weapon is designed specifically to challenge players that want to make the game harder. You can grab it right from the start before your first fight.

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All Weapon Locations | Bonus Weapons Guide

Reaper’s Sword: Your default weapon. x3 swings combo with good range and damage.

Discarded Umbrella: Reaper HQ — Collect right at the start. Go to the upper-left from the Soul Vault area. Its on a pole right next to the closed offices up the stairs from the Estate of the Urn Witch portal. A weak weapon that deals half-damage — the only reason to use it is for the achievement.

Rogue Daggers: Estate of the Urn Witch — Found at the end of the “Garden of Life” side-path. This path is right (southeast) of the entrance to the Urn Witch Mansion. Defeat the Mace Knight and clear the path to the end to unlock these useful daggers. Deal 0.8 damage but they’re twice as fast, and can unleash a x6 combo.

Thunder Hammer: Overgrown Ruins – In the Mushroom Dungeon, in the room with the “Frog Kingdom” sign in the far-right, reach the far-left corner to reach a ladder leading to a room that takes you to the Overgrown Ruins. Take the ladders here up around the walls and use the switch to unlock a gate below. Inside the gate, there’s a single room filled with crates. Smash them all to reveal a hole that drops you down to the Mushroom Dungeon where this hammer is located.

Greatsword: Stranded Sailor – Once you gain the Hookshot, explore the docks to the left of the ship / camp. There’s a locked gate that requires four hidden pink switches to unlock. You need to blast four seemingly normal walls with Bombs to reveal hidden doors.

  • Switch #1: Behind the ship in the area, shoot a Bomb at the blank grey wall underneath the wooden walkways leading to Castle Lockstone.
  • Switch #2: Near Castle Lockstone, look for a large blank wall between two small columns, next to the stairs leading to the ladder / bridge to the castle.
  • Switch #3: Go to the giant face statue north of the entrance to Castle Lockstone. Blast the nearby wall with a bomb.
  • Switch #4: The last switch is to the far right — look for a large tower with a Lord statue surrounded by ice. Break the ice to see the right side of the tower where a gargoyle is found. Blast the wall beneath the gargoyle.