New Pokemon Snap: Everything You Unlock For Beating The Game | Unlockables Guide

After watching the ending credits in New Pokemon Snap, you’ll unlock some useful new abilities that make snapping a perfect picture that much easier. Some maps, functions, and modes can only be used after you finish the story, and we’re going to list them here. It actually doesn’t take too long to finish the game if you only follow the main course and don’t spend endless hours on finding every tricky request. Filling out your Photodex is the goal, and finishing the story makes that easier with a handy ability professional photographers use.

In addition to new snapping options, there’s a special Course Scores mode, where you can compete against your friends online to score the most points in a single run. Instead of raising the level of the course by earning points, you’ll just score points for every photo you take. It’s a photo-taking rush mode, where you’re aiming to get the best collection of pictures from beginning to end, without resetting. You’ll have to plot out your course carefully — its impossible to get every 4-Star photo opportunity in a single go!

If you’re wondering what you’ll get at the end of the game, here’s a full list of unlockables.

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Rewards For Beating The Game | Unlockables List

To complete New Pokemon Snap, you’ll need to watch the ending credits — this happens after taking photos of all six Illumina Pokemon. There is one Illumina Pokemon on each island. Finding the first four unlocks the fifth — and taking a picture of the fifth unlocks the sixth. Taking all six completes the game, and scores you the following unlockables.

  • Turbo Mode: Increase the speed of your vehicle by holding [ZR]. Unlocks after finding the first four Illumina Pokemon.
  • Burst Mode: Each press of the [X] button takes multiple pictures in a quick burst. This can be enabled / disabled in the Settings menu.
  • Course Scores: A special mode that gives you a high-score based on all the photos you’ve taken of a course on a single run. Scores are posted to an Online Leaderboard — so how high you can get your score!
  • Maricopia Reef (Evening): The Evening version of Maricopia Reef only unlocks after you’ve completed the story.

Maricopia Reef is one of the most beautiful maps in the evening. The waning atmosphere adds even more to this map — and you’ll find all-new Pokemon, including Legendary Pokemon, in the warm blue sea.

These aren’t the only new additions, either. There’s one secret addition.

  • Rare Pokemon: Legenday and Mythical Pokemon can be found in various maps after completing the game. Check out our guide here for all the rare Pokemon that spawn in the post-game.