New Pokemon Snap: How To Complete All Requests | Florio Nature Park (Night)

Florio Nature Park gets a lot sleepier at night — but there’s still plenty to see in this New Pokemon Snap route. There are all-new Pokemon and more complex interactions to complete. Some of these requests require multiple steps, so you’ll start to learn how to string events together to unlock unique interactions. For example, to get Heracross and Pinsir to fight, you’ll first need to wake them both up by completing a little hidden interaction. There’s a lot more stuff like that — and some of these requests are pretty unclear.

The most annoying part of a request is doing the right thing and still not clearing the mission. Even if you’ve figured out what to do, sometimes you’ll fail if you focus on the wrong Pokemon, or just take a photo one second too late (or early) and it won’t count. If you think you know what to do, just confirm below. All of the solutions we’ve found work, and we’ll add more details as they’re discovered.

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How To Complete All Requests | Florio Nature Park (Night)

NOTE: Reach Research Level 2 to ensure you’ll encounter these interactions.

Hard-Won Happiness: Pidgeot’s cool, but it’s kinda distant. Think it’d warm up to you for a fluffruit or two?

Throw fluffruit to Pidgeot near the lake. If you use an Illumina Orb, Pidgeot will go for the fluffruit. After eating, the Pokemon flies away — later, Pidgeot will return at the flower field. Take Pidgeot’s picture when it approaches you happily to complete the request.

Sudden Movement: I saw Tangrowth suddenly move in the most amazing way! I was too slow to get a good photo of it, though… Mind giving it a try?

At the start of the Night route, you’ll see Tangrowth sleeping near the first bridge. Throw an Illumina Orb at the Tangrowth to wake him up — he’ll jump in the air and immediately swing across the field. Don’t miss your chance! You have to move fast to catch it.

Munching Murkrow: In the comfort and safety of its own territory, even the wariest Pokemon will let its guard down to eat a tasty fluffruit.

Near the start of the stage, ride over to the forest where the Murkrow land. Between the tall grass, there’s a small spot where you can throw a fluffruit and lure a leery Murkrow over. Snap it while it’s eating to complete the request.

Where’s That Pokemon?: The professor says there’s a Pokemon hiding somewhere around here! Think you can find it?

Before reaching the flower field, you can spot a hiding Caterpie behind the sign with Hoothoot. Play music in this area to draw the Caterpie out.

Where It Snacks and Snoozes: There’s a Pokemon that sleeps in this area. Perhaps it would show itself if there were other Pokemon nearby…

Past the first field, there’s a grassy forest before the lake. On the left, there’s a dirt pile — use Scan to reveal Pinsir’s horns, then use an Illumina Orb to make it emerge. Use scan again and watch until Heracross tumbles down from above. Take a picture of Heracross!

Best Frenemies: There’s a Pokemon that Pinsir tussles with often, but the two are actually good friends.

Complete the previous request to summon Heracross, then it (and Pinsir) will reappear before the flower field. They’re fighting! Get a picture of them fighting together.

Who Needs Wings?: Hey! I just head Dodrio can fly! I’ve never seen one do that before. Have you?

Near the start, look out for the Dodrio to the left of the starting (Night) area. Throw an Illumina Orb to make the Dodrio jump in the air! When it retreats, it also jumps far into the background.

Art in Flight: Have you ever seen a flock of Swanna take flight? You should definitely try to get a photo of the stunning sight!

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon!]

A Terrific Yawn: I wonder what it looks like when Torterra yawns… Aren’t you curious to know, too?

A simple one! Find a sleeping Torterra and throw a fluffruit. When Torterra wakes up, they’ll yawn! Just grab a snap mid-yawn to complete this request.

Hoothoot’s Hidden Foot: Have you ever seen Hoothoot’s other foot? You should try to get a photo of it!

Near the end of the route, you’ll encounter a Hoothoot sitting on top of a sign. Throw a fluffruit to knock it off-balance, revealing its hidden second food. Quickly snap a shot of the Hoothoot’s with its other foot revealed.

Dancing With the Queen: Combee are very devoted to Vespiquen. If you observe them closely, you’ll see that these Pokemon do more than just gather nectar!

To summon the Vespiquen, just follow the request after this one. After summoning the Vespiquen, use music and snap them all dancing together.

For Whose Sake?: Do you know what motivates Combee to work so hard? You may find out if you search this area carefully.

Near the end of the night path, throw a Illumina Orb at the blue bulb while a Combee is nearby. This will activate the Combee and send it away — it will return with a Vespiquen. Snap a shot!

Asleep on a Calm Night: There’s a Pokemon that’s nowhere to be seen most of the time, but at night, it sleeps beside Torterra. See if you can find it!

Reach the lake area of the route. As you cross the dam, look left. Behind the bunch of Torterra Pokemon, there’s a rare Sylveon! Take a picture while they’re still asleep to complete the request.

Meganium’s Pal: When Meganium gets to this spot, it starts looking around kinda restlessly. Do you think it’s looking for one of its friends?

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon!]