New Pokemon Snap Gameplay Features Trailer Revealed

For years fans have been asking for a new Pokemon Snap video game title to release. Ever since the Nintendo 64 debut title came out, fans have taken up with the gameplay. It’s a simplistic style Pokemon game with players taking the role of a Pokemon photographer. While it’s been several years now since that installment came out, we’re finally getting receiving a new installment to the game on April 30, 2021. 

It’s been a long time coming but Pokemon Snap fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of New Pokemon Snap. This video game acts much like the original installment for the Nintendo 64 as it’s a rail shooter. Players are a photographer who will be going through all sorts of locations to capture photos of Pokemon in their natural habitat. Thanks to the latest trailer release we have new gameplay footage along with some features highlighted for players to make use of.

This time around players will be visiting the Lental region and helping Professor Mirror with Pokemon photographs. With the use of a new hovercraft, our protagonist will be able to travel through all sorts of different regions both on land and underwater. From there, it’s your job to snap photos of Pokemon, but to get the best ranking photographs, you’ll need to capture unique moments of Pokemon whether that be a Pokemon jumping into a pool of water or dancing to a tune. 

There’s plenty of tools to help players get the job done. With items that allow players to glow to food that will get a Pokemon’s attention, you may go through the course a few times to see just what you can do to summon a Pokemon over for a picture-perfect moment. As mentioned, New Pokemon Snap is set to launch on April 30, 2021, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform. In the meantime, you can check out the latest gameplay trailer featured above.

Source: YouTube