Pokemon Legends Arceus Unveiled 

The Pokemon franchise has been going strong since its debut back in the 1990s. This IP has thrived with anime, manga, trading cards, movies, to of course video games. We’ve seen a ton of different Pokemon video games released into the marketplace. Whether they were traditional turn-based RPG title for the Nintendo handheld platforms to even the popular AR Pokemon Go title which can be played on a smartphone. 

With the Nintendo Switch players have a few different video game titles to enjoy such as the Pokemon Let’s Go series along with the latest mainline installments, Pokemon Sword & Shield. Today a new Pokemon event was showcased that unveiled a brand new video game that’s being developed for the Nintendo Switch platform called Pokemon Legends Arceus. Unfortunately, the detail as to what we can expect with this game is a bit scarce at the moment.

While the game was just announced and the details are still slowly having to be released to the public, we know that this is an upcoming open-world RPG title. Visually, the game looks like it will have plenty of areas to explore and capture Pokemon. Meanwhile, the storyline will be taking place long ago where the Sinnoh region is just getting itself charted out. 

Players will be going through the region and helping fill information about the lands and Pokemon that inhabitant it with the Pokedex. Meanwhile, the gameplay looks like there is a mix of the traditional style Pokemon combat mechanics. With that said there is the change-up of the protagonist being more nimble to sneak around the open world and attempt to capture these wild Pokemon. For now, it looks like the developers are aiming to release this game in early 2022, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch platform.

Source: IGN