New Pokemon Snap: How To Complete All Requests | Florio Nature Park (Day)

Requests are going to drive you bonkers in New Pokemon Snap. These little side-quests appears as you complete each region, with each of the characters asking for certain pictures of Pokemon. These pictures are almost always 4-Star snaps, and the text / picture for each gives you a clue on how to achieve them. Here, we’re going to go into greater detail and help you snap more (and better) pics to clear all these requests. If you’re aiming for lots of 4-Star snaps, this is how to get it done in each region.

Completing requests is handy for earning big rewards — you’ll get lots of points for the pictures, and you’ll get special prizes for turning in the requests. You can get stickers to personalize your Pokemon snaps, or titles to show off to your friends. If you’re ever stuck and unsure how to get better pictures of Pokemon, just check the requests to get some leads — or browse below for explicit instructions on how to clear each one.

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How To Complete All Requests | Florio Nature Park (Day)

NOTE: Reach Research Level 3 to ensure you’ll encounter these interactions.

Hide-and-Seek in the Flowers: I heard a Pokemon is playing a little game of hide-and-seek in the flower field. Let me know if you find it!

At the end of the path on Research Level 3, throw an Illumina Orb at the patch of flowers behind the Grookey / Scorbunny. There’s a Pichu hiding back there! Snap a shot as they appear.

One-Hand Freeze: Watch Grookey in the nature park carefully. Every now and then, it does something that I think you’ll get a kick out of.

[Work-in-Progress: Check back soon!]

Three Friends among Flowers: I saw Scorbunny laughing out loud earlier! It was so cute! You’ve gotta see it for yourself.

Again, at the end of the path on Research Level 3, reveal the hidden Pichu with an Illumina Orb. The three Pokemon will huddle around a flower bulb — throw another Illumina Orb and snap a picture of Scorbunny rolling on the floor laughing.

Head-to-Head Competition: I saw some Bouffalant start fighting all of a sudden! I wasn’t expecting that at all!

While passing by the Bouffalant on Research Level 3 at the start of the route, try playing some music. That’ll rouse the Pokemon and get them to (eventually) start fighting. Get a picture of the Pokemon bumping horns!

Shockingly Well-Done: Have you seen which Pokemon is scorching these fruits? I’d like you to try to catch the culprit in the act, if you wouldn’t mind.

The fruits are on the ground to the right in the forest. Scan the fruits, then throw an apple down near the burnt fruits — if you time it right, an Emolga will fly down, grab the fruit, and zap it! Snap that zap to complete the request.

What’s Up with Wurmple?: I looked away for a second, and suddenly Taillow was fleeing! What happened!

Near the end of the path on Research Level 3, pass the bridge and round the corner. On the left, a Taillow will be attacking a Wurmple. Throw an Illumina Orb at the pair, and take a picture of Wurmple’s attack! Make sure to snap Wurmple in the frame and not Taillow. (Snapping Taillow will get you a 4-Star snap, but it won’t complete this request.)

Swanna-be: Did you know Ducklett can fly? They’re pretty tiny, so be careful not to miss your photo op!

On Research Level 3, after going through the hill (past the trees) you’ll enter the lake area. Look high and to the right to spot Ducklett flying! Nothing special here — Ducklett will just appear flying, but they’re fast so take as many shots as you can before they splash into the water near the other Duckletts.

Dam, Sweet Dam: Did you notice that the Bidoof finished building their dam? I’m sure you’ll find a happy resident living inside.

Throw apples at the top of the completed dam — make sure to take the alternate route — and a Bidoof will pop out of the top to take a look around.

Off to a Flying Startle: I tried to get a photo of Taillow midflight, but I guess I must’ve startled them! I wish I could’ve gotten a nicer shot…

Near the end of the path, play music at the Taillow on the sign before the flower field. Taillow will spin, then fly into the air very quickly. Snap a shot of it mid-flight!

Flopping by the Water: I saw Pidgeot swoop down and snatch a Magikarp! I was so surprised, I couldn’t get a photo in time…

Arriving at the lake, you’ll see Pidgeot fly down onto the path on Research Level 3. It flies up onto the ridge to the left — hit it with a fruit, and it will fly to the top of the trees and wait. When you near the Magikarp flopping around on the right, throw a fruit near it and the Pidgeot will grab it. Take a shot!

Don’t Be Scared!: Comfey always run away from me… I wonder how I could get them to be my friends.

Throw an apple near the blue flower bulb at the flower field to attract the Comfey, then throw an Illumina Orb at the bulb.

Livening Up the Flowers: Sometimes Florges seems to gather a natural power from its surroundings. Would you mind getting a photograph of this striking behaviour?

Use an Illumina Orb on Florges (Research Level 2), found in the flower field at the end of the route. Don’t distract this Pokemon otherwise, then watch! When it begins to glow green, take a snap.