40 Best Apple TV Games To Play In 2021

Apple TV first debuted in 2007 as a digital media player. Of course, over the years the devices continued to get improved and released for more consumers to pick up. Here we could get access to several different applications for media content, but did you know that the Apple TV can even play some video game titles too? Now don’t go into this expecting games that are going to compete against the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. These are more simple games that are usually found in the likes of smartphones and tablets. Despite that, these games are still pretty great time killers that you can toss on and play for a few minutes or even fun party games to enjoy with the family. Here are some games worth checking into, although don’t think of these games as being ranked. There are a ton of different genres here so you should hopefully find something to download and enjoy.

#40 Oddmar

Oddmar is a platformer that will look and play a bit reminiscent of the Rayman line of video games. In this title, players are taken to the past where you take the role of Oddmar, a Viking that is given an unusual power of growing mushrooms anywhere he jumps. Outside of that life seemed to be ordinary until one day his entire village is summoned to Valhalla. Our goal is to reach Valhalla, rescue your village, and potentially save the world. The entire game is based around platforming, making jumps, avoiding hostile obstacles, and battling against small enemies that pop up. Meanwhile, there are big boss fights that have players going through more intense battles where you’ll need to time out jumps more precisely and use the environment around you to deal some damage to the enemy like a ship firing cannonballs to a giant sea monster.

#39 What The Golf

What The Golf is probably one of the greatest parody golf video games developed so far. Those of you who don’t like golf will love this game and even those that are fans of the sport will probably find this game just as fun as well. It’s an unpredictable golf game where the title is constantly giving players some wacky levels. Players may be going through a makeshift platformer golf level to wacking the actual golfer down a course to reach the hole. The developers are constantly changing things up throughout the entire game and it makes it enticing to keep playing just to see what the next level will entail.

#38 Chrono Trigger

One of the most iconic and classic JRPG titles to ever release into the marketplace can be purchased and enjoyed all over again on the Apple TV. Chrono Trigger was released back in 1995 and it’s a game that can still be picked up and enjoyed today. In this game, players are taking a party of characters throughout different timelines to save the world from an impending doom while also aiding those in their respected timelines with their ongoing troubles. It’s a turn-based RPG title which may be a turn off for some players, but this is a game that is so well-loved and cherished that if you haven’t picked it up and at least given the game a try, then this is a perfect opportunity to enjoy a game through a more modern platform.

#37 Marble Knights

Marble Knights is a fun little action-adventure game where players are taking the roles of knights protecting their kingdom of Roundingham from the evil darkness that spread across the land. Here players are controlling these knights in a series of battles, but as the name suggests, the characters here are all sprouting from marbles as they roll around the land delivering powerful attacks against enemies or battling tough bosses. Likewise, each character comes with a unique elemental power which may be required to solve some puzzles. For instance, you have a character that can freeze the ground under them as they move or on the flipside another character that will actively burn the ground below.

#36 Crossy Roads

Crossy Roads is a pretty iconic arcade game as it’s been around for several years. It’s an endless arcade runner where the gameplay is quite a bit like Frogger. You’re pretty much trying to cross different roads and rivers while attempting to avoid dangerous obstacles like vehicles. Now the scenery does change up and you can unlock some different characters to play as. Again, it’s simple, there’s not much else to go through, but all ages can get into this game. As you progress further into the game then the harder the obstacles become.

#35 Rayman Adventures

Rayman games have been pretty popular although lately, the IP has been a bit dormant. Overall, Rayman Adventures is an autorunner where we get a brand new storyline platform title. In this game, special eggs from the sacred tree were stolen by a mysterious enemy. When Rayman manages to rescue an egg, it hatches and out pops a unique critter known as an incrediballs. Alerting our protagonist of what happened, Rayman embark on a journey to rescuing the rest of the eggs and saving the day. While there are several levels to complete, players can also attempt to unlock several different characters to control along the way.

#34 Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure is an endless runner that puts players into the role of a snowboarder. Here players will continue going down a mountain with controllers only allowing players to make jumps. With that said, there are a variety of goals set for players to complete. Over time, the game will present players to complete three goals which are based on going a certain distance without crashing, getting over large gaps, capturing llamas, or completing a backflip. There are quite a few endless runners out there and Alto’s Adventure is easily one of the more iconic titles that have been around for devices like smartphones or in this case the Apple TV.

#33 SongPop Party

SongPop Party is a trivia game. In this title, players are going through a fast-paced challenge that features musical hits. Everything from classics to modern hits is featured and it’s up to players to successfully guess which song or artist is being played. This game features both solo play along with competitive play against other players. A total of eight players can join into a match where you’ll again have to select the right choice to the different musical selections to come out on top against your competitors.

#32 Oceanhorn 2

There are plenty of video games out there that try to replicate the action-adventure gameplay of The Legend of Zelda. One of the more popular IPs out there that did a pretty solid job at delivering a similar style of gameplay is Oceanhorn in which case for Apple TV you can pick up Oceanhorn 2. This is a game that’s set up as a prequel to the original installment, taking place a thousand years before the first game. Here players are taking the role of a young knight that has to face an evil force and its army that’s out to control the world. There’s plenty of exploration, puzzle-solving, and combat throughout this journey which should take place over twenty hours to complete.

#31 Horizon Chase Turbo

If you enjoy old-school arcade-style racing games then you have to give Horizon Chase a chance. This is a game developed to mimic the gameplay of older classic titles like OutRun, Top Gear, or Rush. Everything from the gameplay mechanics to the visuals makes the game look like an arcade title. It’s all about getting through races by finishing laps in a short amount of time but as you progress through the game you’ll have a variety of different cars to race with along with maps. While you can’t get multiplayer going in races, you can attempt to beat your friend’s records through a challenging leaderboard.

#30 Inside

Inside from developers, Playdead is a game that was a breakout hit across multiple platforms. Here players received a side-scrolling platformer in a bleak world. With no narration or storyline to follow, the title is developed for players to interpret what is going on. Here players take the role of a young boy trying to break free from a facility capturing civilians. With no combat to partake in, the game is all about being stealthy, avoiding dangerous hostiles, environmental hazards, along solving a slew of puzzles along the way. This is a brutal game so there are going to be plenty of instances where your character is killed off, but fortunately, the game does offer some decent checkpoints so you’re never having to replay a large portion of the gameplay.

#29 Asphalt 8: Real Racing Game

The game developers at Gameloft do a pretty solid job of replicating some big graphical powerhouse racing titles with the Asphalt series for players to go through. This is more of an arcade-style racing game and for Apple TV users, you can play Asphalt 8: Real Racing Game. You’ll find that this game had won countless critical acclaimed reviews when it initially released. With nearly 300 vehicles, over 400 different career events, and 1,500 challenges, Asphalt 8 is pumped full of content to complete. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that this is a previous installment release for the Asphalt series. Currently, we are up to Asphalt 9, but the developers currently don’t have any plans to bring the latest installment to the Apple TV. Regardless, Asphalt 8 is still a great choice to run with if you enjoy racing games.

#28 The Jackbox Party Pack Series

A game series that has been popular for quite a while now and is available across multiple platforms is The Jackbox Party Pack IP. This is a game that throws together multiple different party minigames for players to go through. Players will find that there is everything from different pop-culture trivia to compete in, a makeshift rap battle mode, to some competitive drawing games. There are multiple installments available with the minigames being a bit different so it’s best to look through and see which is the most appealing for your group. Best of all, this is a game where players can connect online for free as only one member, the host, is required to own the game. From there, a code is supplied to allow additional players to join your game through a web browser on a PC or through their smartphones.

#27 Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time

Samurai Jack was an animated series that ran from 2001 to 2004, though it was picked back up in 2017 to give the story a conclusion. Within the show, players were following an old samurai warrior named Jack who was tossed into different timelines after facing an evil demonic character named Aku. Throughout the series, Jack was attempting to find a way back to his timeline to defeat Aku once and for all. This is a recent video game release that follows the same overall plot as the anime series. Here you’ll get a hack and slash action RPG where you’ll play as Jack going through a variety of levels to find a way home to battle Aku.

#26 Canabalt

Canabalt is quite the iconic smartphone game. This title came out in 2009 where players were given an endless runner. Here players would be controlling a character that is continuously running forward with players mainly just tapping a single button to have the protagonist jump in order to successfully avoid obstacles. From there, it’s just about getting further and further with each time you start the game up. There’s not much more we can say about this game and chances are you might have played this title years ago. However, if you’re just chilling on the couch and want a simple game to kill some time, give Canabalt a try.

#25 Snakebird Primer

Snakebird might have been a tough puzzle game but those that enjoyed it or just want an easier version will want to look at Snakebird Primer. This is the same type of game where you play a bird that has a body of a snake. I know, it sounds a bit weird but stays with me here. In this game, players are moving around the obstacle course trying to eat up the fruit and reaching the exit point. You’ll soon find that there is a challenge as you’ll need to keep your body on a stable platform to get over gaps or hazardous items like spikes. As you progress, the game adds more puzzle mechanics to play around with like multiple snakebirds you can control.

#24 Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

I don’t need to explain Pac-Man. After first getting started in arcades within 1980, we’re all familiar with this iconic video game. However, there are some games for this franchise that has done incredibly well in the marketplace. One of those is Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Here we have bright neon visuals where players are going through different mazes in a game that’s more about racking up points than just clearing out pellets. However, there’s a new twist here in that more ghosts will flood the screen after you finish off the pellets, outside of the ghosts that are already chasing you. With these new ghosts, players will find them slumbering until you pass by in which they wake up and begin their journey of chasing you. When players get enough ghosts trailing behind, players can eat the bigger pellet to chomp them down and rank up some serious combo points. It’s this new twist that had players getting the Pac-Man fever all over again.

#23 Shadowmatic

Shadowmatic is a pretty unique puzzle game where players are given an assortment of items to manipulate in a spotlight. The entire time, players are trying to create some type of silhouette that will display something recognizable before you’re able to move onto the next shadow puzzle. For instance, you’ll get two randomly shaped blocks that you can move around to make a shadow of an elephant, a rabbit, or something like a teapot. It’s a time killer game and with so many different levels and items to create shadows, this title can get a bit tricky.

#22 Transistor

Transistor was an indie hit developed under Supergiant Games who was previously known for Bastion. In this game, players are taken to a science fiction future with action RPG and turn-based strategy elements. Through the game, players take on the role of a famous female singer named Red who becomes a prime target by an android force. Managing to escape, Red stumbles upon a sword known as the Transistor that has captured her voice. The duo must then work together to free the world from this nefarious foe.

#21 Reigns: Her Majesty

Reigns: Her Majesty is a fun little solo game to play and kill time. Here players are taking the role of a ruler in which you’re presented with a series of choices and that’s really all the game is about. Players are making choices that will appeal to only a select group of people in your kingdom. The entire time players will need to watch their gauges which will highlight if you’re losing too much money, the health of your people, or even religious choices. If a gauge runs out then players will find a group revolting and killing the protagonist in which a new leader.

#20 The Afterpulse

Those of you looking for some competitive shooters might want to check into The Afterpulse. This is a bit like what you would expect from something like Call of Duty. Players are given dropped into online battles either as a free-to-play or through team deathmatches. Here you’ll get an assortment of weapons to use along with tactical gadgets as you gun down your enemies. Meanwhile, players can gain a wide assortment of gear pieces to add to their character.

#19 Lara Croft Go

Lara Croft Go is a turn-based puzzle adventure game players can take part in. Here the gameplay is based around moving Lara Croft through a series of puzzle map layouts. For instance, players will move around a course to avoid certain gaps or traps. Throughout the level, you’ll have to seek out levers to move around platforms or a means to get around the area safely. Meanwhile, for hostile enemies, they’ll follow you around the map but again since this is turn-based, the enemies will only move after you make a move so there is time to look around and try to figure out how to solve the puzzle.

#18 Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is an iconic video game franchise that got its start back on the Sega Genesis. Players have been going through different video games following this blue hedgehog as he battles evil hostile enemies like Dr. Robotnik. There are a ton of different video games available but you can’t beat some of the classics. You can pick up Sonic The Hedgehog Classic right now to play through the old-school video game. There have been some changes in that players can go through a new timed mode or play as Tails and Knuckles for the first time through the original game. Likewise, there is a leaderboard attached so now players can attempt to compete against friends online.

#17 Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Another game in this list that you probably already heard about and enjoyed through other platforms is Octodad: Dadliest Catch. This is an indie game where players are taking the role of an octopus trying to blend in with the human world. Here players are having to figure out how to control the character properly and complete a series of tasks that proves to be a bit more difficult for this sea creature. However, not only are players trying to navigate through this world and complete objectives, but they must not cause too much of a scene as they’ll blow their cover. If your cover is blown then players are forced to restart the game from a certain checkpoint.

#16 SketchParty TV

For those of you who enjoy the board game Pictionary then there is a digital alternative available. SketchParty TV offers the same style of gameplay where players are trying to draw up an image for others to guess. As a result, this is a party game that requires one player to own. Likewise, the game will need to be used with the addition of an iPhone or iPad as the Apple TV will display the drawing for others to guess. It’s a simple party game but one that continues to be incredibly fun and entertaining for all ages.

#15 Spaceteam

Spaceteam is a co-op video game that requires at least two players to enjoy. Here in the game players are given two control panels to power up and run their spaceship. On display are a series of knobs, buttons, sliders, and switches with a display on top to indicate what needs to be pressed. Here’s the catch, the on-display directions are for the secondary player. With each player having their unique screens such as the Apple TV or a tablet, players will need to communicate on what action needs to be initiated to keep the ship running. If you fail to answer in time or press a different button then your ship will slowly fall apart before blowing up entirely.

#14 Beat Sports

From the development team that brought out Rock Band comes Beat Sports. This is a title that has players battling against otherworldly aliens in a barrage of wacky sports games. However, the thing that makes this game a bit different is the fact that this is based around rhythm. Players will need to play along with the beat and stay on time to successfully go through the different challenges. Initially, this title was developed exclusively for the Apple TV although there has been a new release for the Nintendo Switch platform. With that said, if you’re playing on the Apple TV then you’ll need to use the Siri Remote or players can download the free Beats Sports Remote application for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

#13 Modern Combat 5

For years now, Gameloft has been putting out Modern Combat video games which are similar to the Call of Duty franchise. Players are given a big over-the-top action game to go through with the latest mainline installment to release is Modern Combat 5: Blackout. In this game, we’re following a freelance military contractor named Cayden Phoenix as he is sent in to counterattack the terrorist organization flooding Venice to steal chemical weapons. The game acts out very much like a big FPS title with plenty of large set pieces and firefights.

#12 Butter Royale

Butter Royale is your typically battle royale style of the video game. Here players are dropped down into an open-world map where there are a ton of different food-based weapons to pick up. Meanwhile, players are exploring the world and fighting off all the other players that are scattered around the area. Just like with other battle royale games, over time, the map will shrink down in size. In this case, the game map is surrounded by hot butter that is slowly closing in which forces the players to get closer to each other until there is only one player left standing.

#11 Little Orpheus

The year is 1962 and NASA is working to get a man on the moon. However, in Soviet Russia, a makeshift capsule is made to take Ivan Ivanovich to the middle of the Earth is made in hopes of a new groundbreaking exploration journey. When Ivan is cast down into an extinct volcano, he vanishes only to return three years later. Being debriefed by a general, players jump into this platforming adventure title as Ivan recounts what happened. This journey will take players to a forgotten time with kingdoms under the oceans and prehistoric jungles. Being an Apple Arcade exclusive, you can enjoy this game through a variety of Apple devices, like in our case the Apple TV.

#10 Real Racing 3

Players that want more of a realistic racing game may find some interest in Real Racing 3. Here players are given more traditional tracks and cars to race around with. There are over 250 vehicles, 19 real tracks, and over 4,000 different events to complete. Best of all, those of you who were wanting to race against actual players will find the option here as players from all over the world can join in and compete in a variety of races. Surprisingly enough, this game came out back in 2013 and fans are still logging into the game today on their iPhones, iPads, to Apple TV devices. Currently, we haven’t seen any announcements regarding a Real Racing 4 so for the time being, you should see a pretty active community of players enjoying Real Racing 3 today.

#9 Machinarium

Chances are you’ve seen this game before as Machinarium has been around since 2009 and it continues to find a release on new platforms including the Apple TV. This is a point-and-click adventure title that’s full of puzzles. There is no narrative so players are essentially watching a story be told as they progress through the different puzzles and complete the game. Fortunately, there is a minigame walkthrough system to help players in areas that they may be stumped, but the walkthrough itself doesn’t reveal too much that players can zip through the game. Of course, with that said, depending on how well players can solve certain puzzles, Machinarium can be completed in about 5 hours.

#8 Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter is a pretty iconic game that’s been around since 2016. It’s an indie title that takes on a 2D action-RPG genre with some truly beautiful pixel visual artstyle. Here players are tossed into a world full of decay and hostile enemies as you venture off to explore along with fighting off plenty of hostile enemies. As you progress, players are rewarded with more weapons and abilities, but the main gameplay mechanics of having guns for long range attacks along with a sword for more up close battles remains the same throughout the game. As for the narrative, our protagonist is a drifter that is seeking a cure to a disease that is slowly killing him, but with a world that is already harsh and full of enemies, the battle to find a cure will be a tough one to muster.

#7 Sneaky Sasquatch

Sneaky Sasquatch is a wacky game where players take the role of a Sasquatch. It’s not an easy life, you got humans to watch out for and park rangers. As a result, our hairy little friend here has to disguise himself in human clothes or sneak around carefully to gather some delicious picnic foods, partake in fun activities like golf, gather up hidden treasures, and compete in friendly snowball fights with the locals. However, there are the pesky rangers that are tracking this Sasquatch down so you’ll need to be ready to run off and quickly hide before getting caught. In a lot of ways, this is a bit like Untitled Goose Game with its visuals and hilarious gameplay.

#6 Just Dance Now

Just Dance is a pretty iconic franchise that’s been around for years now. It’s all about dancing to the different selections of songs while mimicking the moves displayed. Players are then scored by how well they were able to replicate the dance moves after each song. On Apple TV, players have access to Just Dance Now, which includes over 500 songs and new content being added monthly. Here players will use the Apple TV remote that tracks the controller, much like how the Nintendo Wii handled the Just Dance video games. With all that said, this is a subscription service game that will require a monthly fee to continue playing.

#5 Fibbage XL

Fibbage XL is another party game that is worth checking into. Here a player is given a trivia question in which the opposing players are placing false answers that may sound believable. From there it’s all about guessing which answer is correct. It’s a wacky game that again, much like The Jackbox Party Pack, can be enjoyed with up to eight players filling in their answers through a smartphone. Next time you have a group over or if you’re wanting to try something out for a family game night then check out Fibbage XL. It’s easy to set up and simple to understand for a wide range of ages.

#4 Sky Force Reloaded

Sky Force Reloaded is a game available on multiple platforms including the Apple TV. This is a SHUMP and an easy one to pick up and try out for newcomers as well. This game has players piloting an aircraft as you fire endless bullets, missiles, or laser beams into a barrage of enemies across the land. Meanwhile, as these enemies fire back, you’ll need to carefully maneuver your ship around to avoid taking hits. There are fifteen stages with multiple challenges to complete along with aircrafts to unlock. Likewise, the game does provide bonuses to unlock as well which will give players some buffs to their aircraft which are either permanent or temporary ability boosts.

#3 Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 is an action RPG title that provides some thrilling hack and slash gameplay. In this title, the world has fallen into dark times. Demonic invasions have filled the towns, lakes, forests, and travel routes with monsters or undead ghouls. With humanity falling unhinged, only one group is making a profit and it’s the bounty hunter guild. Players will be taking the role of a bounty hunter as you take in gold for those that need your help in clearing the area away from monsters. This game holds over 90 different missions throughout a campaign storyline and as you complete challenges or missions, you’ll be rewarded with new gear or loot. Players can even partake in missions together through a co-op mode allowing up to three players to work together in this grand journey.

#2 Spin Sports

Spin Sports is only available on the Apple TV so you have a bit of an exclusive here. This is a game that’s like a makeshift air hockey game. In this game, players will have two teams constantly spinning around in place. It’s up to players to wait until their character spins in the right direction in which it’s facing the puck. When your character is facing the puck, you simply hold down a button on your Apple TV remote to launch the character towards the direction in hopes of hitting the puck into the opposing team’s goal. It’s a simple game and one that can help kill some time. Meanwhile, there is multiplayer support here with up to six players total and over thirty different character designs to unlock.

#1 Into The Dead

Into The Dead is a game that started on smartphones but has blown up in popularity with its sequel even hitting the Nintendo Switch. This is another endless runner but here you’re set in a zombie apocalypse. To survive, players are forced to dodge the oncoming zombies or attack them head on. As you continue through the game map, players can pick up different weapons and ammunition crates dropped down onto the field. All you need to do is position your character to run into the crate in order to obtain the item. There are even loyal canines that can be picked up to help keep the zombies away from attacking you. There’s not much more involved in this game, as much like other endless runners, it’s all about trying to get further than the previous run.