New Pokemon Snap: How To Enter All Areas Of Elsewhere Forest | Secrets Guide

Elsewhere Forest is the most mysterious location in New Pokemon Snap. Depending on how you interact with the Pokemon, you can enter up to six alternate locations — for a total of eight zones! And you might not even know why you’re going to different areas. By interacting with Pokemon, you can create alternate routes through the stage… but that’s just one way to reach a new zone. If you interact with Espeon in different ways, you’ll enter alternate paths, each one with different Pokemon.

There’s a Summer Zone, a Winter Zone, a Fall Zone and a Spring Zone — some of them you’ll enter no matter what. Some of them require a lot of work to reach. We’re going to break down all the alternate paths and how to reach them in the guide below. It’s the only way to see everything Elsewhere Forest has to offer. Just remember to unlock Research Level 3 before attempting any of this! Espeon only appears at Research Level 3, and Espeon is the key to navigating the forest.

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Elsewhere Forest Routes Guide | Secret Paths Guide

  • NOTE: To access many of these alternate routes, you’ll need to reach Research Level 3. There are alternate methods for reaching these areas, but these were tested on Research Level 3 specifically.

Zone 1

  • Foggy Forest Zone: You always begin the route in this area.

Zone 2

  • Bamboo Spring Zone: In Zone 1, throw Fluffruit at the Shiftry — so the Shiftry won’t run into each other later or block your path.
  • Winter Fields Zone: In Zone 1, don’t interact with the Shiftry, play music for the Trevenant to the left (before the floating rock) to unlock a side-path, then throw an Illumina Orb at the Espeon that spawns.
  • Summer Plains Zone: In Zone 1, don’t interact with the Shiftry, and don’t play music for Trevenant. Throw an Illumina Orb at Espeon and you’ll reach the Plains.
  • Fall Forest Zone: In Zone 1, throw Fluffruit at Shiftry, play music for Trevenant and take the optional path, but don’t throw an Illumina Orb at Espeon. Leave Espeon alone, and you’ll continue into the Fall Zone.

Zone 3

  • Foggy Forest 2 Zone: No matter what path you take, the foggy forest will always be the third zone. From here, you can perform specific actions to choose the Forest Ruins or the Sunny Valley.

Zone 4

  • Forest Ruins Zone: Complete Zone 3 as normal. No special tricks. You’ll always end up up here.
  • Sunny Valley Zone: In Zone 3, throw Illumina Orbs at every single Crystabloom in order. Start with the first one to your right — you need to lure out Deerling so it returns to Sawsbuck at the end of the path. Lead the Pokemon by activating each Crystabloom along the path in order. It will unlock a permanent optional route!