New Pokemon Snap: How To Get Every Illumina Orb | Crystabloom Locations

Illumina Orbs are one of your most important tools in New Pokemon Snap. These throwable orbs of light ‘activate’ Pokemon, causing them to do just about anything. The results aren’t predictable when combined with Pokemon, but the method for unlocking the Illumina Orbs is the same no matter where you go. Illumina Orbs have to be unlocked specifically for each island — and one Illumina Orb isn’t compatible with routes on the other islands. You’ll have to unlock Illumina Orbs each time, and they always require Crystablooms.

Crystablooms are crystal-shaped flowers that give off strong Illumina energy. To collect the data you need to create Illumina Orbs, you need to take a picture of a glowing Crystabloom on each island. The game doesn’t tell you where to go to find these Crystablooms, so you’re stuck searching yourself. We’ve found the locations for all six, so if you’re lost and confused, just check the text (and pictures) below to quickly complete this step of your Pokemon Snap journey.

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All Illumina Orb Unlocks | Crystabloom Guide

To unlock the Illumina Orb item for each island, you need to take a photo of a glowing Crystabloom. There is only one glowing Crystabloom on each island — and the game doesn’t explicitly tell you where to find if. If you’re lost and need help finding each Crystabloom, check the locations listed below.

Florio Nature Park (Night)

The first glowing Crystabloom is the easiest to locate. Past the first field and up the forest hill, look to your left before reaching the lake area. There’s a mound of dirt and a glowing Crystabloom. Snap a photo to gather the information you need. This is the spot where Pinsir will appear from the ground.

Founja Jungle (Night)

Very close to the end of the route, you’ll reach a waterfall pond. Stay on the normal (main) path, and look to your right. There’s a glowing Crystabloom next to a sleeping Quagsire.

Lental Seafloor

Another one that’s very early in the level. After the opening area, you’ll enter into a seaweed field. Look to your right toward the seaweed and watch for a sleeping Lumineon. The Crystabloom is right behind it — throw fluffruit to wake up the Lumineon and reveal the Crystabloom behind it.

Sweltering Sands (Night)

On the night version of this route, you’ll automatically take the right path at the Oasis pond. Look toward the caves to your right — just as you reach the “sandfall”, you’ll be able to briefly spot a glowing Crystabloom on the rocky ledge. Take a picture before you drop down and miss your chance!

Shiver Snowfields (Night)

Another tricky one. After climbing the snowy slope up the canyon near the beginning, you’ll reach the top of the hill with a large crack revealing a cavern below. Look down into that cavern to spot the glowing Crystabloom at night.

Ruins of Remembrance

Again, you’ll find this one at the start of the level. As you approach the hole in the ground that leads to the underground ruins, look to your right and up. There’s a glowing Crystabloom on the canyon wall, opposite the wrecked ruins entrance.

That’s all of them! Make sure to use your Scan ability to spot these Crystablooms. A blue dot will appear at the center-bottom of your HUD when a scannable is nearby. All the glowing Crystablooms will alert you, so you’ll always get a nice clue to make your job a little easier.