Bravely Default 2: How To Beat Anihal | Beastmaster Boss Guide

Anihal is one of the first truly challenging boss fights of Bravely Default 2. Even if you’re prepared to fight, this is a hard boss that can take a very long time — but Anihal can be defeated with the right preparation. With a few tips, this gang of monsters can be tamed.

The battle takes place in Chapter 1, in the Kingdom of Savalon. You’ll encounter her in the Underground Reservoir, after the initial boss fight against the Bard. I recommend leveling up the Bard skill and taking it with you into this fight — it makes the battle a lot more manageable, but it isn’t strictly required.

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Anihal | Beastmaster Boss Guide

  • Recommended Level: 14

Anihal is a challenging boss with the Beastmaster job — she is accompanied by three monsters, and all of them bank BP to hit your party hard. Multiple monsters and Anihal will use powers to silence your party. Bring at least 10 Echo Herbs and bring Phoenix Downs — a White Mage with Arise will also help.

  • Anihal: 11520 HP
    • Weakness: Earth, Sword
  • Peiste: 2652 HP
    • Weakness: Earth, Spear, Bow
  • Undine: 1448 HP
    • Weakness: Thunder, Sword
  • Gelaflan: 2556 HP
    • Weakness: Fire, Earth, Stave

Anihal is the main target, and Peiste is her snake-like monster pet. Anihal uses an attack called Muzzle that silences all party members. Bring lots of Echo Herbs. Peiste uses powerful attacks, while Undine heals and Gelaflan tries to poison you.

Start by targeting Undine. Use x4 BP to kill Undine with Cross Cut [Vanguard] or buff your [Monk] with Invigorate and use martial arts. It will go down fast — magic is almost useless against Undine. Use Sword of Stone on Gelaflan to rapidly take off its HP, or use Firaga.

Use Aggravate [Vanguard] to draw attacks to your Vanguard, and then use Earth-based attacks to deal huge damage to the Gelaflan. Again, defeat Undine first, then Gelaflan. Now you can manage the rest of the battle much easier. Undine will use Cura to heal +1000~ HP.

Use Poison [Black Mage] three times on Anihal to deal maximum poison damage each turn. Once Anihal is down to low HP, she will gain a counter ability that triggers when you use Physical Attacks. Once she’s poisoned, you can work on defeating Pieste — there’s no penalty for defeating Pieste first.

I can’t repeat how useful Poison x3 on Anihal is to this fight. You won’t need to attack her very often if she’s poisoned — it deals about 500~ HP per turn. Earth-based Attacks work well against both Anihal and Peiste. At this point, focus on keeping your White Mage able to use spells, and use Singing to buff your party.