Bravely Default 2: How To Break The Game In The Prologue | XP & JP Farming Guide

Want to get your party massively overpowered in Bravely Default 2? You can earn an insane amount of XP and JP right at the start of the game by farming a powerful enemy. It’s a little tricky to pull off at first, but the longer that you farm it, the easier it becomes. The early part of the game is the hardest, so if you’re struggling with those first bosses and want an easier path to victory, a little bit of farming will go a long way — and you’ll get results extremely quickly.

The trick is using your support party member Sir Sloan to take out the rare enemy. This support character is way tougher than the rest of your party in the Prologue, and if you use him wisely, you’ll be able to earn an insane amount of XP / JP — about 1200~ XP and 200~ JP per defeat. That’s in addition to 1700~ cash for each win. You’ll be absolutely swimming in points to spec your party for the difficult first chapter.

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How To Farm For XP, JP & Cash In The Prologue

To farm for huge XP / JP / PG rewards right near the beginning of the game, you’ll need to find a special enemy called the Leannan Sith. The extremely difficult monster appears in northwest Halcyonia near the dungeon. You’ll be able to fight it at the end of the Prologue, before beginning Chapter 1.

  • NOTE: To make farming even faster, master the Freelancer job first to get the JP Up passives. Then you can grind and earn x1.7 bonus JP per victory. That’s almost twice as much JP!

The trick is using Sir Sloan. The Leannan Sith can easily wipe your party, but Sir Sloan can tank the fight and defeat the monster single-handedly. The trick is to fight Leannan Sith until it’s weakened, revive everyone in your party, then defeat it for a huge reward payout. You’ll earn 1280~ XP, 210 JP, and 1750 PG per defeat.

Leannan Sith has 13,600 HP. Sir Sloan does 500~ / 900~ damage per attack. Your party really can’t help early on, so they need to focus on staying alive and allowing Sir Sloan to kill Leannan Sith.

The trick is just keeping your party alive to reap the rewards.

  • Tips To Keep Your Party Alive:
    • Assign a White Mage to cast cure and keep the party healed.
    • Assign a Black Mage to cast Poison on Leannan Sith. Stack it x4 to deal maximum damage per turn.
    • Assign a Vanguard for your last party member and Default every turn.
    • Try to avoid assigning a Freelancer — a charmed Freelancer can heal Leannan Sith. You’ll want to avoid that as much as possible.
    • If a party member is charmed, use a fist attack (no weapon equipped) to punch them and snap them out of it.

Keep killing Leannan Sith and your party will get significantly tougher, making grinding even easier. Do this about 10~ times or more and you’ll be swimming in gold.

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