Doom Eternal: Ancient Gods Part 2 – All Collectibles & Secrets Locations | Reclaimed Earth

Welcome back to Earth. In the Doom Slayer’s eternal war to destroy the demons of Hell, he’s sent to a remote UAC Facility containing a giant ancient gateway to the Dark Lord’s realm. All you have to do is fight through swarms of Hell’s ugliest monsters to reach it. The level itself is beautiful — a far cry from the lava-filled apocalypse it was before. The monsters have retreated, and the grass is starting to gross.

That makes this level pretty unique. Like all the DLC levels, there aren’t many collectibles to hunt down — but there are secrets. That means extra BFG ammo and extra lives to collect. The more lives you get now, the more you’ll have when you face the Dark Lord. And that guy is going to be a problem. Even for the Doom Slayer.

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Reclaimed Earth | All Collectibles Locations

Codex: Right at the start of the level. Turn left and drop down from the raised balcony to find this codex at street level.

Extra Life: Down the street after the first Cursed Prowler encounter, there’s a 1-Up at the end of the road.

Map: When you reach an area where the Intern tells you to reactivate power in the city, you’ll find the map just to your right. It’s right after dealing with the Stone Imps down the narrow alley.

BFG Ammo: Found in the arena with the Escalation Encounters.

Escalation Encounter: The two waves of Escalation Encounter are found after reactivating power in the city and use the two grapple points to cross into the large building arena.

  • Rewards: 1st Wave – Sentinel Hammer Upgrade, Enemies drop more Health / Armor when effected by Fire or Ice.
  • Rewards: 2nd Wave – Survivor Suit Cosmetic

Codex: Drop down through the hole after completing the Escalation Encounter. In the room down the hallway, the codex is on the left.

Codex: Leaving the flooded train station, you’ll reach a wrecked road where monsters are infighting. The codex is to the back-left.

BFG Ammo: Easy to find in the same area, near the codex.

BFG Ammo: Found in a secret. On the walkway where the Revenants spawn, you’ll reach another jumping puzzle ahead — look to the right to find a cracked wall leading to this ammo.

Extra Life: Before entering the giant wall, you’ll have to jump into a red-lit building populated by invisible Whiplashes. Clear the room, then break the cracked wall down the left corridor.

Extra Life: In the main UAC building, you’ll pass by an Extra Life locked in a security booth. Continue into the next room and clear the encounter with Arch-Viles and Doom Hunters, then backtrack to this room. The door will now be unlocked.

Codex: The last collectible is found after riding the lift to the giant dome chamber. After exiting the elevator, look right.

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