Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Get Wonder Weapons For All 4 Players | Trials Guide

The Wonder Weapon is one of the most important parts of any Die Maschine run in Black Ops Cold War: Zombies. To complete the Easter egg, you and your friends will need all four elemental types of the Wonder Weapon — and they’re very useful for the final encounter. The more Wonder Weapons you can earn in the map the better.

And there’s a better way than hoping for luck at the Mystery Box. Like all Zombies maps recently, you’ll find trials. These are special side-missions you can activate at any time once you gain access to the Facility. While you’re completing steps of the Easter egg or just surviving, you can perform trials — and these trials have some huge rewards, including a guaranteed Wonder Weapon.

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Getting Wonder Weapons For All 4 Players | Cooperative Guide

There are four methods for obtaining the Wonder Weapon — the D.I.E. Shockwave.

While only one of these methods is 100% guaranteed to get you a Wonder Weapon, utilizing all the methods is your best bet for getting one for every player.

To get Wonder Weapons for all four players, I highly recommend doing the Trials. The Trial machine is located in the first room of the facility after the underground bunker doors open. Interact with the machine to begin — it costs points, but you’ll earn those points back with your eventual reward.

The trick is to continue completing trials until you earn a Legendary Reward. A notification will appear on the HUD once you qualify for a Legendary. There’s a very high chance you’ll get a Wonder Weapon as a reward — or you might get a perk. If you continue to complete trials between Easter egg steps or just gunning down zombies, you will get a Wonder Weapon.

And if not, you can always attempt the alternate methods listed above.

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