Bungie Has Been Working On New Projects 

Bungie is known for two major IPs right now. The studio got that worldwide attention when they brought out the hit Microsoft exclusive IP, Halo: Combat Evolved. This science-fiction FPS was a massive success and it’s since spawned a mega-franchise that’s still thriving today. While most of us are waiting to get our hands on Halo: Infinite from the new developers heading the IP, 343 Industries, Bungie is actively working on their own IPs.

After their time with the Halo franchise, Bungie went on to make their next science fiction video game called Destiny. It was met with quite a bit of success that they continued on with Destiny 2 while being aided by Activision. However, it wasn’t too long into Destiny 2 that Bungie was able to part ways with Activision and gain control over Destiny 2. This has allowed the studio to craft the game they have envisioned.

While Destiny 2 launched in 2017, it’s continuing to get support through a series of updates and expansions. In fact, we have content lined up for the game to 2022. However, some might be wondering just what the studio has planned post Destiny 2. While it’s very well a new installment to Destiny likely to come out, there are other projects apparently in the works. This news came from an interview between Bungie CEO, Pete Parsons, and other profile people of the studio on Metro.

According to the interview, it looks like Bungie is actively working on multiple projects. However, at the studio, they don’t consider these projects necessarily video games. Instead, the focus is gathering teams of developers that could potentially craft something new and unique. This is apparently coming in the form of employees that are other working at the studio but also new hires as well. 

Unfortunately, we don’t know just when we’ll see these projects take shape and get announced to the masses. At any rate, there’s still the Beyond Light expansion that just launched for Destiny 2. That’s being followed up by two more expansions so we’re sure that Bungie has their hands full at the moment.

Source: Metro