Black Ops Cold War: Zombies – How To Earn More Points Faster In The Early Rounds | Cooperative Tip

To progress in any Call of Duty: Zombies map, you need to collect points, but in an annoying change to the formula, old methods for earning more points are useless in Black Ops Cold War. In previous games, you could maximize the amount of points you earned by doing the least damage possible; shooting the legs and then meleeing the zombie to earn more. You’d earn points every time you damaged them.

That isn’t how it works in Black Ops Cold War. Now you have to kill the zombie to earn the points — between 90 and 115 depending on how you defeat them. It’s the same point total no matter what you do. You can earn up to 115 by meleeing the zombie or scoring a critical hit, but that’s the most you’ll ever earn per zombie.

There is a way to increase how many points you earn total with your teammates. You can’t earn more points by yourself, but you can earn more points cumulatively as a team — up to quadruple the normal points. That’s very, very useful.

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How To Earn Quadruple Points In Zombies Mode

The method for earning more points is ridiculously simple. Basically, if 2-4 players all damage the same zombie at least once, every player earns the same amount of points.

So, if your friend shoots a zombie and then you kill it with a gun attack, both players will earn the full 90 points. That’s a huge bonus over previous Zombies modes, where players earn points individually for damaging and killing zombies — no points were shared.

  • NOTE: While all players that have damaged a zombie get the points for a kill, they’ll only get the points for the type of damage they did. So if 3 players shoot a zombie, and 1 player uses the knife, 3 players will earn 90 points, and the knife player will earn 115 points.

Now all four players can share every single zombie kill if you’re careful. It’s like earning the same amount of points as a solo player, but x4 — making it way easier to quickly progress through the early rounds.

This method is really best used for the early rounds. At Round 4/5/6 the zombies start to run, so carefully killing each zombie isn’t really possible. I would recommend starting with an M16 or other low-damage weapon with plenty of bullets, and just target the same group of zombies as your allies as the rounds continue into the mid-range.

By Round 10, it’s a totally free-for-all where you’ll be Pack-a-Punching weapons and blasting everything before it claws your allies to death. There’s no time for getting cooperative kills. Still, this is a great way for teams in the low rounds to share points and unlock the Pack-a-Punch ASAP.

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