Top 7 New Platformers Of 2020

2020 is here and while the current-generation console platforms are coming to an end to make room for the next-generation releases, there are still plenty of great games coming out this year. If you’re looking to get some ideas on what may be worth picking up this year when it comes to platforming games then check out our list down below. Make sure to give this page a bookmark as well, because we will be updating the list throughout the year when new exciting games are announced for 2020.

#7 Super Mario 3D All-Stars

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Platforms: NS
  • Release: September 18, 2020
  • Co-op: Local
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

After several rumors circulated online that we would get a 3D Mario collection on the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has made the announcement official today. There will be a release called Super Mario 3D All-Stars and it will feature three classic Super Mario 3D video games. This should be a big hit on the Nintendo Switch as there are fans eagerly awaiting for the next Mario game release after the success of Super Mario Odyssey. Now both veteran and newcomers can get a chance to enjoy some of these classics on Nintendo’s latest console hybrid.

Those of you who were hoping for a more enhanced Nintendo 64 copy of Super Mario 64 may be out of luck, but the gameplay will likely hold up just as well today. Alongside Super Mario 64, fans can also expect the bundle to feature Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. This announcement is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Mario and for fans that know they’ll want to enjoy this game, you will want to make sure to be ready for when the game launches. Unfortunately, this is going to be a limited-time release physically and possibly digitally.

#6 Ori and the Will of the Wisps

  • Developer: Moon Studios
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Platforms: PC, XBO
  • Release: March 11, 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive: N/A

In 2015 we got the popular platforming adventure title, Ori and the Blind Forest and now in 2020, we’re going to get its sequel. Ori and the Will of the Wisps will have the same overall gameplay mechanics such as platforming and solving puzzles. However, the title will be taking place after the events of The Blind Forest where Ori is exploring what lays beyond the forest of Nibel and with it the meaning behind the lost ones.

#5 Dead Cells – The Bad Seed

  • Developer: Motion Twin
  • Publisher: Motion Twin
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, NS. XBO
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Dead Cells originally released back in 2018 as a roguelike platformer with Metroidvania style levels. Players are stuck in a dungeon and must fight their way back out to freedom. However, with so many hostile creatures and hazardous environments, getting out is easier said than done. As mentioned, the game featured Metroidvania style levels where certain areas are blocked off or unattainable until you track down a necessary power-up. This game was a massive hit and soon we will have not necessarily a sequel, but a new DLC.

The Bad Seed is DLC that will be releasing this year where two new biomes will be added into the game. Furthermore, you can expect a new boss along with different weapons, enemies and unique game mechanics. Needless to say, you will need a copy of Dead Cells for the DLC, but if you haven’t played the game yet, it’s well worth checking out.

#4 Little Nightmares 2

  • Developer: Tarsier Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO, NS
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

After being told there were no plans for a sequel, Tarsier Studios surprised the world during Gamescom 2019 with a trailer to Little Nightmares 2. This platformer with survival-horror elements scattered throughout follows a new character named Mono that is accompanied by Six. So far, we know that the game will be taking place after the events of the first installment so while Six had escaped the Maw, there is still plenty of horrific terrors waiting outside. Players will be taking the role of Mono while they attempt to reach the Black Tower, a location that is being controlled by a secret broadcaster.

#3 Psychonauts 2

  • Developer: Double Fine
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Platforms: PC, PS4, XBO
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Psychonauts released all the way back in 2005 and this year we’re finally going to receive a sequel. Director Tim Schafer is back on board with the game and through a successful campaign to get the game funded through Fig, we should have the title before 2021 hits. In this platformer, players will pick up after the events of Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin. With the organization changing its core of what Psychonauts was originally founded on, there is no longer an urge for peacekeeping through psychic research. Instead, the group has turned their efforts towards studying necromancy.

While we can expect the same type of gameplay in this upcoming sequel, we do know that the game will touch on Raz’s family, new relationships, and the curse that has affected the family history. So far, there is no specific release date attached to the game quite yet.

#2 Cuphead – The Delicious Last Course

  • Developer: StudioMDHR
  • Publisher: StudioMDHR
  • Platforms: PC, XBO, NS
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: Yes
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Cuphead made a huge splash in the industry once it was announced. Visually, the game looked similar to the old Disney cartoons. Players take the role of Cuphead with a secondary player taking the role of his brother Mugman. After getting in debt to the devil, Cuphead and Mugman managed to crack a deal with Satan himself. If the brothers can successfully gather all the souls owed to him, both Cuphead and Mugman can go free.

The gameplay is a mixture of small platforming levels and intense boss fights. Within this DLC, players will receive not only new levels with bosses but a new playable character known as Ms. Chalice. Though you can expect the same mechanics as Cuphead and Mugman outside of having a double jump so there won’t be a learning curve other than remembering the move sets of the new bosses you’ll face against along the way.

#1 Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

  • Developer: Toys for Bob
  • Publisher: Activision
  • Platforms: PS4, XBO
  • Release: October 2, 2020
  • Co-op: TBA
  • Competitive Multiplayer: TBA

Crash Bandicoot is back with Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. Developed under Toys for Bob, players will get a new mainline installment that will take place after the events of Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. In this game, a few years after Dr. Neo Cortext, N. Tropy, and Uka Uka were sent to the end of time and space, the three managed to find an escape. However, doing so has also unleashed other villains to flood out into the world once again. Now Crash Bandicoot and Coco must once again restore order and capture these villains again. If you played the previous installments of the Crash Bandicoot franchise then you will find that this is still very much a classic platformer experience.

Players will be battling various villains, exploring bigger levels, and also getting to use a few new power-ups along the way. It’s also worth pointing out that this classic platformer franchise will also see players getting tossed into other character roles. We know that there will be a portion of the game where players can take the role of Dr. Neo Cortex and that may give a slightly different perception of the world as he sees it. In any case, Crash Bandicoot fans can restore order to the multiverse this October.


Super Meat Boy Forever

  • Developers: Team Meat
  • Publisher: Team Meat
  • Platforms: NS, PS4, XBO, PC, Mobile
  • Release: 2020
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Super Meat Boy was an instant hit when it launched back in 2010. Indie developers Team Meat brought out a platform title that featured over-the-top style levels filled with a series of deadly obstacles. Players controlled Meat Boy who is looking to rescue the love of his life, Bandage Girl after she was kidnapped by the evil Dr. Fetus. With this puzzle-like platform title there was attention all over the world as players attempted to complete levels that at times not only required precise maneuvering but timing as well.

Now a sequel is in the works known as Super Meat Boy Forever but this time Dr. Fetus has kidnapped Meat Boy’s and Bandages Girl’s child, Nugget. Both will have to go through a series of difficult levels once again to rescue their child. While the game was meant to be a mobile-only title, the developers decided to bring it out to multiple platforms, unfortunately, we don’t know just when it will release as the game is only slated to launch sometime this year.

Shovel Knight Dig

  • Developer: Nitrome, Yacht Club Games
  • Publisher: Yacht Club Games
  • Platforms: TBD
  • Release: TBD
  • Co-op: TBD
  • Competitive Multiplayer: TBD

There are big hits in the world of indie games and one of those that made a massive impact when it launched into the markets was Shovel Knight. This platformer had the feel and charisma of an iconic class video game title but released on the latest hardware platforms at the time. We’re far from over with the Shovel Knight franchise as there are more games set in the same universe but one of the upcoming installments that has us eagerly awaiting for its release of Shovel Knight Dig. The video game features a brand new adventure and it offers the same charm and tone that we’ve received from the first installment. With Shovel Knight having to go after Drill Knight, we’re uncertain just when we’ll be able to jump into battle in this next heroic adventure chapter. While we’re hopeful we get a release this year, we’re simply forced to wait until Yacht Club Games makes an official announcement on the release date and even platforms we’ll see this installment land on.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

  • Developer: Team Cherry
  • Publisher: Team Cherry
  • Platforms: PC, NS
  • Release: TBA
  • Co-op: N/A
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

Hollow Knight was a massive platformer hit when it launched in 2017. The narrative adventure along with the difficult combat made this game not only popular at release but still a game being recommended today. We now know that there is a sequel in the works which was originally meant to be a DLC expansion before developers, Team Cherry, opted to make it a full installment for players to enjoy. Not too much information is out quite yet so we’re uncertain if this game will make it into the market by the end of this year. What we do know is that this game will put players in control of Hornet who is captured and taken to the haunted kingdom of Pharloom. Players are then left in traversing the area in hopes of finding out just what Hornet was captured and taken to the Kingdom.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure

  • Developer: Sumo Digital
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platforms: PS4, PS5
  • Release: November 12, 2020
  • Co-op: Online/Local
  • Competitive Multiplayer: N/A

The LittleBigPlanet franchise was a popular 2.5D platformer but it looks like we are going to see a spin-off launch into the market called Sackboy: A Big Adventure. So far we know that four players can join together and go through a fully 3D platformer filled with unique levels much like the series is known far. What we don’t know at this point is if there is a level creation tool set. If you’re recall in the previous main franchise installments, players were able to create levels for players to enjoy so this time around we may have a defined game filled with levels only provided by the development team. Despite this, there is still quite a bit of charm still there and it’s going to be available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation players so you won’t have to move onto the next-generation platform to enjoy this game.