Astro’s Playroom: 100% Completion Guide | All Puzzle Pieces & Artifacts

Welcome to our 100% collectibles guide for Astro’s Playroom. Here, you’ll find how to fully complete your collection of Puzzle Pieces and Artifacts — including all the artifacts and pieces you won’t find in the four worlds. There are even more to discover in the CPU Hub and the Playstation Labo room, and below you’ll find explanations for how to access all those extra goodies.

All Collectible Locations | Puzzle Pieces & Artifacts

There are 96 collectibles to find in the four worlds you can access from the hub — 24 collectibles each. If you’re stuck and can’t find a collectible or two, we’ve got complete guides with pictures detailed where to find them all.

CPU Plaza

Puzzle Piece #1-3: To find three of the puzzle pieces, go to the wall with wires hanging out on the small platform. Pull it to reveal a long and treacherous path to the top. Along the way there are additional side-paths that lead to the other two puzzle pieces. The last one is at the very top.

Puzzle Piece #4: The final puzzle piece is hidden in the underground area. Find the ramp leading below to the final boss level — in one corner, there are three wires you can pull. Pull them to make the piece appear.

Playstation Labo

Even after finishing the game, you’ll still be missing 10 Artifacts and 28 Puzzle Pieces. How do you get the rest? In the PS Labo room! Go to the far back and step on the red button to activate a Gacha Minigame.

For 100 coins, you’ll turn the dial and get a capsule. These capsules might contain money, a diorama for the PS Labo room, or one of the 10 artifacts or 28 puzzle pieces. To get all of them, you’ll need to turn the dial about 70 times.

That means you’ll need about 7,000 coins total. Completing the game once will earn you about 5,000-6,000 coins. You’ll get about 1,000 coins per world — you can replay any of the worlds to get the extra, or you can replay SSD Speedway: Deep Dataspace for about 350 coins per completion. Make sure to grab the collectibles a second time for extra coins.

Turn the Gacha machine enough and you’ll get everything and complete your collection.