Spider-Man: Miles Morales – How To Complete The Scavenger Hunt | Solutions Guide

After completing the main story in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, your mom leaves behind a series of clues. This is your final mission, and it’s most likely the last thing you need to do before hitting 100% completion. Each step of the scavenger hunt involves a small puzzle and clue, so if you’re ever stuck and need help, we’ve got everything you need to know in the full guide below.

In Spider-Man: Miles Morales you play as the plucky new Spider-Man in Harlem — quickly stepping out of Peter Parker’s shadow as you gain new Venom powers. These electricity powers add a new spark to the combat, even allowing Miles to turn invisible briefly during tricky stealth sequences. And you’ll need them, the villains are harder than ever.

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To begin the Scavenger Hunt mission, you need to complete the main story. After finishing the final mission, return to your house — it’s marked on your map. Sleep on the bed and you’ll gain the first postcard clue.

After each clue, you’ll get a location marked on your map. Once you arrive, you need to find a specific spot based on the clue.

  • Location #1: Natural History Museum – On the street corner, find a statue with four kneeling figures and a globe.
  • Location #2: Empire State Building – At the top, reach the viewing deck with all the people and the metal coin-operated binoculars. One of them is broken — that’s where you’ll find the clue.
  • Location #3: Modern Art Museum – Zip up to the balcony from the entrance to find a giant shell fossil. Web onto the top of it to collect the clue.
  • Location #4: C.O.D.B.’s Nightclub – Drop down to the front door. To the right, there’s a single light connected to the wall. Web onto it and grab the clue.
  • Location #5: Lobster Bill’s – Easy! Web onto the giant lobster and walk toward the tail.
  • Location #6: El Barrio – The note is right on the gate, on the letter drop box.
  • Location #7: CJ Walker Park – At the park, check all the basketball hoops. One of them has a clue attached.

For completing all the locations, you’ll complete the quest and unlock the ‘Urban Explorers’ trophy.